Synopsis of 1×11: A new Primo is crowned and an old face makes a new appearance on the final day of the Blood Drive.

It’s the final race day and, after last episode’s confessions, Grace and Arthur are operating on the same page under much friendlier terms. Unfortunately, they’ve still got Slink in the back seat and he’s bringing them to a Blood Drive live event. At least that’s the plan until one of Heart Enterprises’ bigwigs shows up to inform him the show will only be broadcast internally for its final episode before Slink is fired.

International Blood Drive racers begin showing up from all over the world to participate in a fighting event and there are plenty of Heart Enterprise-supplied AKI units to staff the event. Arthur’s name is called for the first round of fighting and he refuses to arm himself for it. He kisses Grace before telling her that he won’t kill again.

Christopher is driving towards Arthur and the Blood Drive, but has second thoughts about leaving Aki behind. He turns around to pick her up and volunteers to help destroy her tracker before they continue on their mission, which pleases her greatly.

The round one Blood Drive contestants are ushered into the battledome for a fight to the death, which quickly spirals out of Arthur’s control. But when he’s given the opportunity to win the first round, he refuses and delivers a monologue instead. It’s heartfelt right up until he tries to put everyone under arrest and they decide it’s time to properly motivate Arthur to start killing.

Immediately, Grace finds herself in a cage, threatened with a fiery death should Arthur not feel inclined to play along. She’s feeling singled-out and demands to know why the whole Blood Drive seems to be about her. In a shocking twist, the bigwig from Heart Enterprises strips down, peels off his skin, and reveals himself to be someone Grace never thought she’d see again: Karma.

There’s a hilarious Bladenado plug that Slink is forced to read off in some spot-on meta before cutting to an actual commercial that makes the whole joke even better. Later in the episode,  there’s another commercial for what is essentially Blood Drive Monopoly. Blood Drive action figures are also showcased in another faux commercial towards the end. All three are campy, fun, and ridiculous.

Karma forces Arthur to fight in round two while Grace tries to talk some sense into her. She tells Grace about her horrific Kane Hill experience, bitter that Grace left her there, and she wants payback. Slink has other plans though – and he’s feeling a bit upstaged at this point. So, he opts to free Grace from her cage and to kick Karma right into the middle of the action of her own making.

Cliff and Domi get in on the action of round two with some murder and ridiculous tango dancing before realizing that neither wants anyone else to kill them. So they kill each other. Grace is still trying to reason with Karma when she’s tackled towards an engine. While it looks like Grace was just made into fuel from Arthur’s viewpoint, she was actually knocked to the side of the vehicle. Still, this prompts a grief-stricken Arthur to break his no-killing vow.

Aki and Christopher come up with a plan to fool the security guards that are blocking their path by pretending to be a regular AKI unit and an IT guy. It works because, like Christopher notes, security guards are dumb as shit. While Aki tries to disable her tracker, Christopher finds The Soul Reclamator room that’s causing them issues.

Realizing what’s happening, a disoriented Grace tries to show Arthur that she’s still alive, but she’s knocked unconscious and dragged away by Heart Enterprise guards. He continues to fight while Grace finds herself tied up in a room and forced to watch. Karma recounts her childhood memories to Grace, which are that she was raised by the dog more than her sister who was always too busy for her.

She leaves Grace to kill Arthur, which Slink gleefully narrates. But before they can begin, Arthur is waylaid by another Blood Drive fighter and Grace escapes to plead with her sister once more. Karma promises that she’ll never stop until Grace loses everything she loves, leaving Grace no choice but to push her into an engine for fuel. But Karma’s not gone! She ends up in The Soul Reclamator room at Heart Enterprises.

Meanwhile, Grace tries to end the fighting now that they’ve accomplished the one thing Slink asked of them, but Arthur isn’t having it. She leaves the arena while he is crowned the new Primo…

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