The 100: Long Into an Abyss (2×07)

Synopsis: Clarke comes up with a bold new plan to stop the Grounders’ attack, leading Abby to a desperate decision. At Mount Weather, Jasper and Monty begin to question the motives of their new friends, while Dr. Tsing conducts a deadly experiment to determine how to make use of the captives.


Man, talk about fighting a two-front war. The 100 kicked it into high gear this week; not only did Dr. Tsing make a move for the kids’ bone marrow but the grounders arrived at Camp Jaha ready to attack.

We open the episode seeing a girl by the name of Keenan Mykulak awaken in a field of flowers, in a hospital gown. About four minutes into her face full of wonder and excitement she starts developing the sores and signs of rapid radiation damage. Used as a test subject, we see that Tsing and Cage have been watching her the entire time. Instead of saving her from the radiation as Cage suggests, Tsing decides to keep her out there in order to monitor her until her death.

They surmise that the blood is not a permanent solution like Tsing originally suggested, but that they need more from the kids. More, like bone marrow. Obviously taking away all of someone’s bone marrow is not going to leave them in a very alive state, and Tsing confirms it. She tells Cage to convince his father that taking the bone marrow of the 47 is the right decision. Despite Cage’s efforts of taking his father to the surface, it’s a little comforting to know that Dante isn’t as easily wavered.

It’s clear that Dante is not intent on harming the 47, though he also clearly wants to return back to the surface. What separates him from his son is that he realizes the actions that they’ve committed, to the grounders, have poisoned their reputation. He feels the guilt that Cage clearly does not. It’ll be interesting to see how their power struggle plays out with Tsing prodding Cage in the back. Dante still has some authority over Cage, but as we saw from Tsing’s operation on Harper, that authority is weak at best.

It’s a good thing that the 47 are onto them, since they are about to overstay their welcome if Tsing and Cage continue their experiments. They managed to hack into Dante’s computer and find photographic evidence that not only are the other kids alive but that the adults are also alive, they also manage to take engineering schematics for the mountain and begin to plot their escape.

At Camp Jaha, Jaha is encouraging everyone to pack up their belongings and being the journey to the city of light because of the Grounders’ warnings. Refusing to leave because of the 47, Abby keeps the role of the chancellor and has Jaha locked away for his defiance. Bellamy brings Clarke to the drop ship where she sees Octavia and Lincoln, who has now become a Reaper. Realizing now that Mount Weather has been making Reapers as well as controlling them, Clarke not only worries for Lincoln’s future but for the future of her friends.

Upon discovering that Lincoln has basically been drugged, and Reapers are really strung out and addicted to a highly violent drug, she forces him to go through withdrawal. Octavia finds Nyko outside the drop ship, he came to warn her to run because she saved her life, but she takes him inside because he is a healer. But seeing the condition that Lincoln is in, Nyko decides to end his life rather than attempt to save him (since he has probably tried before to no avail).

Instead, Clarke manages to resuscitate Lincoln much to Nyko’s surprise and realizes that she might be able to save Lincoln and get him through his withdrawals. This gives her some bargaining chips against Lexa and her grounders. She goes to Lexa and offers her Anya’s keepsake as a peace offering and tells her that she is able to reverse the Reaper process. Although Lexa is apprehensive of Clarke’s promises, the prospect of turning people back after they become Reapers is too alluring. Lexa asks to see Lincoln and Clarke and Abby are racing against to clock to turn Lincoln back or else risk the death of everyone in the camp.

When it seems like they are going to fail, when Lincoln not only does not seem to have returned but also seems dead, Abby wakes him up with a shock to the heart. Convinced, Lexa is willing to honor a truce between the two groups, but she has one condition. They must kill Finn for his actions against the village.

I was happy to see Clarke put together the puzzle pieces about the reapers and glad to see Abby finally getting to understand her daughter’s motives in the episode. It’s about time we all started thinking with our heads. The episode felt a little disjointed, and I have to say I was not enjoying seeing Cage and Tsing getting the upper hand so quickly against the 47. It was a good episode to transition into next week’s mid-season finale, but as a standalone it lacked the same level of tenacity that the other episodes had.


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