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Grimm: Cry Luison (04×05)

Synopsis: There’s a wolf terrorizing an heiress and Nick has to get to the bottom of it without his powers. Meanwhile, Trubel has to take care of some Wesen who might be thinking about taking advantage of Nick in his current grimm-less position.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Last week we learned that Juliette would have to play a part in getting Nick’s powers back. It is revealed in this week’s episode that she has to do what Adalind did. That doesn’t sound too bad, right? Except she has to do it as Adalind. Just as Adalind took on Juliette’s form and did the do with Nick, Juliette has to drink the potion, become Adalind, and also do the do. In my opinion it seemed like a nonissue. I mean, Nick already had sex with someone who wasn’t Juliette without knowing it. This time he would actually be having sex with his girlfriend who just happened to be wearing someone else’s face.

Nick objected to the idea. I shouted at the TV that they should just stick a blindfold on the guy and call it a day. Problem solved, right? But I guess that would take away from the cheesy, almost cheap drama brought on by the fact Nick would have to make love to someone who looked and sounded like Adalind. Gasp. Groan. Anything but that! Okay, I’m done. The beginning of this week’s episode just really bothered me. The rest of it was actually fabulous.

We checked in with Adalind in the Castle from Hell and she continued to make poor decisions. Rescued from the water and returned to the weirdo with the beard who sent her on her crazy journey, she is led further into the castle. Except, of course, she hears a baby and thinks it is her child. Naturally she turns and once again refuses to listen to the guy who got her out of the cell in the first place and insistently chases after her baby.

It really is sad because all she wants is her child back. I know Adalind made some pretty bad decisions and she’s definitely not a “good person” but at the same time, I can’t help but feel like they’re pouring salt on a wound with her. Give the girl her baby!

The case of the week was really weird and the perfect amount of creepy and confusing to actually keep me engaged. Viewers were introduced to a man and his wife in their luxurious house. The wife was frightened, worried that someone was going to come and get her. She wanted to make sure the doors were locked and she was safe. Of course her husband assured her everything was fine and the house was secure. No one would get her, and if someone tried he would be right next to her to protect her.

Of course that’s not how it went. She was woken in the night by a sound and went to stupidly investigate. Out of seemingly nowhere a weird wolf-man in a really nice suit appears and understandably frightens her. The wolf-man insisted he was trying to help her and appeared to be some sort of apparition or hallucination. He kept following her around, appearing in front of her or behind her until he finally cornered her in the kitchen and made her drink. She attempted to get away by running to the car and driving off only to hit a young man who was out jogging before crashing the car.

As Nick is called away to investigate the crash and accidental killing of the jogger, Trubel is left with everyone’s favorite neighbor, Bud. Bud pointed out that he may have accidentally let it slip that Nick was no longer a grimm. Of course Nick has made some enemies along the way who would love to take a stab at him, quite literally, while he is unable to defend himself. Since Nick’s in danger, Trubel takes the situation into her own hands and sets out to set the record straight: if anyone messes with Nick, they are messing with her.

Needless to say, certain Wesen end up hearing her message loud and clear.

Meanwhile, as Nick and Hank investigate the situation surrounding the woman who is being tormented by a wolf, Captain Renard is off getting his ducks in a row. He and his mother came to the conclusion that Trubel is also a grimm, which is why Nick is protecting her. Renard’s mother was also very insistent that she know who is holding onto her grandchild. The Captain gives in and tells her it is Nick’s mother. I hope we get a grandma battle scene or something later in the season. We all know it isn’t going to end well.

Back in crazy town, Adalind finally reaches the end of her demented journey. I honestly believe she was tripping because of the food the weird hairy guy gave her. She didn’t even leave the cell. Rather, I think Viktor orchestrated the whole thing in order to gain her compliance. The shining bit in this whole sequence was Viktor himself. Alexis Denisof has stolen my heart in this role. He plays cunning evil very well and makes me so uncomfortable in the process.

While Nick struggled through this week’s case, he realized just how dangerous it was to not have his powers anymore. He had to enlist Monroe’s help to figure out if there was a Wesen involved and almost got him into a sticky situation because of it. Even the Captain is sick of Nick’s indecision and delivered an ultimatum: get your crap together and get your powers back, or take a step back before you get someone killed. He was also told to get Wu straightened out because he’s getting too close to the truth and it will bring nothing but more trouble if he figures out what’s going on.

As if Nick didn’t have enough going on, he received a call from Josh Porter, son of a grimm and someone we met last season. Apparently, while taking his father’s ashes back to the house he came upon a break in. The house had been torn apart and men in suits, Wesen, were still in the house and went after him. He’s now on the run all because of the key his father once held, which is now in Nick’s possession. That’s right folks the key storyline is still a thing even though I’d pretty much forgotten about it.

Finally, as the episode winds down, Nick and the team make a disturbing discovery. There was not simply one wolf man terrorizing the poor woman in the middle of the case of the week. No, there was an entire litter of them, all identical, all working to make her seem crazy so that she would surrender her fortune to her husband. It was pretty messed up. In the end they convinced her that her husband and his siblings had been using masks instead of explaining to her that they actually turned into wolves. That probably would have been too much for her.

Unfortunately the episode ended on a frustrating note. As the crew hung out at Monroe and Rosalee’s place, commotion outside caught their attention. When they stepped outside they found a burning wooden symbol in the yard. Apparently Wesen are unhappy about a mixed marriage and in the dancing flames, Juliette turned to Nick and told him it was time to do whatever it would take to get his grimm powers back.

Time to get out the blindfold!

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