Z Nation: Sisters of Mercy (1×11)

Synopsis: The group reunites, only to separate once more when they meet the Sisters of Mercy. Women and children are welcome – especially Addy – men… not so much…

Rating: ★★★★★

Addy’s still having problems stemming from her realization that she had to give mercy to her brother and mom at the beginning of the zompocalypse, manifesting in a gleeful mercy-fest that makes even Mack uncomfortable. Luckily, they meet back up with the rest of the group and finally visually check in with Citizen Z. He brings them good news – California is back up and running and the mission is still on.

They’ve since upgraded their golf car to another car and are headed through Utah on their way to California and the end of the mission. As they’re driving along, they spot a few zombie kids and one live one. He’s on a mission to go to Salt Lake City to see his dad, but Warren breaks the news to him that it’s overrun. Through some crafty convincing, Warren asks him to show them where they can find some food and he agrees to take them back to Helen – but then they have to drive him to Salt Lake City afterwards.

Oh, kid... [SyFy]
Oh, kid… [SyFy]
The boy ends up leading them to a commune of sorts. They don’t welcome Mack with any sort of love, but when Warren gets out of the vehicle they hold their fire and the boy, Sam, explains to her that they’re just after food. The place seems idyllic, but there’s only one catch – women only. Warren, Cassandra, and Addy are allowed inside, where they’re fed and welcomed and Cassandra’s given much-needed medical treatment. They’re called the Sisters of Mercy and they have food growing, they have cows, they have safety – they just don’t have any boys over thirteen and it starts to make sense as to why they spotted a few zombie kids on their drive out of Salt Lake City.

Inside the compound, Warren learns more about the Sisters of Mercy. Helen gives her the tour while Addy is dragged off to explore and play with a young girl. It’s clear that Addy’ still having some issues, but she suddenly seems much more at ease. The place was set up before the zompocalypse hit, with Helen, her husband, and her sister wives living off the grid at the husband’s insistence. Warren excuses herself to check on Cassandra – both of them realize something fishy is up and they discuss leaving as soon as she recuperates.

While Murphy, 10K, Mack, and Doc hang around outside one woman approaches with pies. She gives one to Doc and then asks where to find the one “with the eyes,” surprisingly meaning Murphy. He gets a whole pie (and a cigarette) to himself so long as he’s “sharing” the tent space with the over-eager woman. She’s not even fazed by the zombie bite scars, though she might not have known that’s what they actually were.

Murphy finally made a "friend." [SyFy]
Murphy finally made a “friend.” [SyFy]
Addy finds herself opening up to Helen about the last cult she stumbled upon and her past and there’s a whole lot of misandry going on in this episode. Suddenly, a caravan of women arrives, Helen announces that they have a new sister and they bring forth a woman who has been severely beaten. They also bring forth a male, who must have done this to her. Helen encourages Addy to come see what they do to men who need to be punished and Warren tags along as well. They feed this man to a zombie bear that they keep locked up in a barn. The battered woman actually uses something akin to a cattle prod to push him into the barn.

Helen approaches Addy for help in saving two more sisters and Warren insists that she tag along as well, much to Helen’s chagrin. They get in the caravan and speed past the rest of the boys, who are confused but not all that up to doing much. Addy and another girl set a trap with a busted jeep, attracting three men on motorcycles who have two women with them. They free the women and Helen has Addy shoot one of them, knowing he’ll take care of the other two.

Helen... may not be the best influence on Addy... [SyFy]
Helen… may not be the best influence on Addy… [SyFy]
That’s about the time Warren figures they should get the hell out of this freaky compound while they still can. She makes a pit stop with the boys on the way back and tells them that Addy’s having a bit of a weird time in there and warns Mack about what may be coming. Unfortunately, Addy seems to have bonded with Helen while feeling increasing stress related to the deaths of her family and her part in them, as well as her past with Tobias the cannibal. Helen encourages her to stay with the Sisters of Mercy and she goes to inform Mack of her decision. He tries to reason with her and they argue before she runs back into the compound and he’s shut out.

Warren and Cassandra try to reason with her as well, but she refuses to speak to either of them. It’s Helen who is let into the room to console her before she comes out and informs them that she’ll be staying. Helen is called away on emergency business and nothing can be said to change Addy’s mind it seems.

Maybe there's a little something to this "don't trust men" thing. [SyFy]
Maybe there’s a little something to this “don’t trust men” thing. [SyFy]
Somewhere on the road, we’re treated to the leader of the men they murdered – still alive and well – dragging handcuffs and two severed hands along the road. The woman that has invited herself into Murphy’s tent was chased off by Doc, only to be held hostage by the man, who was trying to speak with Helen. While holding the woman at gunpoint, he counts down to pulling the trigger as Helen refuses to move – instructing a sniper to shoot him. Before the situation can get any more out of hand, Mack shows up and shoots the man in the head.

In the aftermath, Warren and Cassandra are roughly pushed out of the compound and Mack is waiting by the gates to see Addy. Once again, she refuses to go with them and when he tries to move towards her, one of the sniper women shoots him in the shoulder. The rest of the group hustle him into the car, but he wants to go back and ends up bailing out as they drove. Warren can’t stop him and gunshots were heard – but I didn’t see a body. And that’s what I’m sticking with. LALALALALALALA. You did not show me all the pain of Michael Welch’s last episode only to really kill him off this time. I’m still in denial, thank you.

Pretty sure Mack and Addy Romeo and Juliet'd out of this world... and I am sad. [SyFy]
Pretty sure Mack and Addy Romeo and Juliet’d out of this world… and I am sad. [SyFy]
It’s implied that the woman who spent time with Murphy was pregnant, the young girl was seen with Addy’s necklace, and Sam – from the beginning – was shown walking alongside the road again. So that happened – and next week things aren’t really looking any better. No signs of Mack or Addy (they’re not gone, they’renotgonethey’renotgone), nor anyone in the group really, as it looks like Murphy finds himself a new set of saviors. With only two more episodes left in this season, I expect more pain.

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  1. WHY DO THEY NOT TAKE LITTLE SAM WITH THEM?! Instead the group abandon him with the women knowing they will just send him off to Salt Lake City and to his death! I understand they cannot realistically save all the little boys but they didn’t even show any concern or try to help! I don’t understand this episode!

    The writers could have even killed him off during the escape or something but at least I would have some closure!

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