Synopsis of 03×03: Abe and Dariela are desperate to get Isaac back. Mitch has to deal with the biodrive messing with his brain, and Clem has to figure out how to tell her dad she’s pregnant in a world of sterility. Also, surprise! Hybrids. 

All the children taken by Reiden were done so at the behest of a Presidential Executive Order, meaning there was very little that Dariela and Abe could do to get their son back. It came to light that part of the reason the children were taken was because Dariela shared Abe’s research with a gentleman she had an affair with years before. He turned the information over to Reiden, which resulted in the children being taken. 

Cue Abe being less-than-pleased by Dariela’s choices. 

Across the country, Jackson and Logan teamed up to try and track down Abigail after she left a vehicle to explode at the barrier. Back on the plane, Jamie, Mitch, and Clem continued their ongoing reunion as Mitch tried to catch up on the last ten years. He also shaved, thankfully. Clem agonized over how to tell him that she was pregnant while Mitch threw shade at Jamie for letting his father, Max, raise Clem.

Whenever Mitch gets worked up he has something similar to a stroke and directed Jamie and Clem to conduct brain surgery to figure out what was wrong. It turned out there was a chip in his brain, probably inserted by the people who had kept him captive, and when he gets upset it short circuits and hurts him. He thought he might have a solution, but it required a car battery, velcro, lollipops, and a pig.

Abe contacted Jackson, wanting to know if he could get another hybrid DNA sample since the one he had previously was destroyed. Though he was upset about Dariela’s contact with Jonah, the one who passed his information off to Reiden, he came through and was able to locate Isaac for them. However, when they went to pick him up they discovered it was not their son but another young boy. 

Jackson went hybrid hunting and found a completely new kind of hybrid, which turned out to be a not-so-great discovery. 

After brain surgery, Jamie told Mitch that the chip is a biodrive. The tech came from the Shepherds and was probably dangerous, so she went to interrogate the Shepherd she happened to have in holding. The interrogation revealed that the Shepherd would be able to help if he had access to the right server, and that Blue Diaspora (from last week’s episode) was the name of the project to create the hybrids. 

Abe and Dariela spoke with the young boy they were given and learned about some of the weird things they were doing to the kids. They were able to reunite him with his parents but soon after he was taken again, and they received a visit from the head of Reiden herself. She had a deal to offer: if Dariela and Abe provided research and turned over Clem, she would let Isaac go. 

Back in the hybrid zone, Logan had a talk with Jackson about the importance of telling the truth to Tessa about who he was. If they were going to wrap her into their crazy mission, she deserved to know who she was getting in with. This was done after they were attacked by hybrids and managed to find a connection to Abigail in Mexico, which Jackson planned to follow-up on. 

Jackson conceded that Logan had a point and revealed to Tessa who he really was after running under a false identity for so long. She was less than happy about it and bowed out of the mission. 

Mitch’s biodrive problem was not going to go away as, with the Shepherd’s help, they came to the conclusion that if they removed the biodrive Mitch would forget everything. Unfortunately for him, if they kept it in his brain then it would eventually kill him. He had a flashback to when it was installed, which was not particularly helpful. Our poor boy has been through a lot. 

At the end of the episode Logan and Jackson raid a house in Mexico only to find Mitch, Jamie, and Clem. Talk about a reunion. Unfortunately they did not have long to catch up because Jackson received a call from Abigail who taunted him and activated a device that was calling hybrids to their location. 

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