The 100: Many Happy Returns (2×04)

Synopsis: After being betrayed by Anya, Clarke takes matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, Bellamy, Finn, Murphy, Sterling and Monroe race against time to save a survivor of the Ark, and Raven and Wick clash.


So after two weeks, The 100 shows us Jaha is indeed alive, and recovers for the most part in this episode. Awakening in a desert, it’s anyone’s guess where he is. He is found by a family and taken in. The family in question was casted out from their tribe after the mother, Sienna, gave birth to a deformed son and refused to leave him to die. This is one of the rare moments we’ve actually gotten to witness the results of the radiation in the form of mutation. From the people of Mount Weather, we know that the effects of radiation are still very real for people, but other than that creepy dude in the forest with Octavia, we haven’t really had much interaction with people with damage from radiation (also I guess we can count that terrifying deer in the pilot in this group).

"I'll call you Theelo." #rightinthefeels[the100hd.com]
“I’ll call you Theelo.” #rightinthefeels[the100hd.com]
Jaha instantly bonds with Sienna’s young son for obvious reasons, but realizes that because of the family’s situation, they have decided to barter the bounty on “Sky People” aka Jaha and the people of the Ark for a horse so that they can travel out of the dead zone desert and go to the City of Light. Instead of protesting, Jaha understands the family’s struggle and willingly trades himself so that the family have a chance. I really love Jaha’s nobility, it’s one of those classic nobilities that can be overdone, but seems to work perfectly for his character. It was also a great part of the episode in which we get to see a different part of the world, other than forests and trees. As a person who was born in the desert, I appreciate some desert rep. Time will tell if we see more of the desert, of that family, or even the City of Light.

Meanwhile, Anya and Clarke continue their escape from the guards at Mount Weather, with Anya holding Clarke prisoner. The growth of development between Clarke and Anya, both as leaders of their groups, increases by leaps and bounds. As they narrowly escape the guards time after time, they work together to break the trail that they seem to be leaving for the guards; from hiding their scent to ripping out a tracker in Anya’s arm, they work together to ultimately get away. However, it’s not all teamwork and fun times. Clarke manages to gain an upper hand on Anya and free herself, only to take Anya as her own prisoner.

Don't need something sterile or sharp when I have your teeth. [the100hd.com]
Don’t need something sterile or sharp when I have your teeth. [the100hd.com]
The events of the day culminate in a brutal fight between the two that ends in Clarke dominating. Given the choice to kill Anya, she holds back, and spares her life. After seeing the location of the fallen Ark, Clarke makes her way towards the camp and it seems like the bridges have been mended with Anya and Clarke. They both recognize the men of Mount Weather to be their enemy, and they must work together to take them down. Anya, seeing past her pride, and gaining a measure of respect for Clarke, agrees to talk to their leaders.

Unfortunately it all goes south as Anya goes to leave. The border patrol at the Ark is increased, and they shoot a fatal shot that takes Anya down moments after she is about to leave. Personally I hope Abby saves her and this isn’t the last time we get to see Dichen Lachman’s Anya (she is a favorite, ok). The patrol also comes up on Clarke and take her in, but at the very least she is back with her people. TIME TO TAKE DOWN MOUNT WEATHER.

Oh Anya, we barely knew ye. [the100hd.com]
Oh Anya, we barely knew ye. [the100hd.com]
Elsewhere in the forest we come upon Bellamy, Finn, Murphy, Sterling and Monroe in search of Clarke. Spoiler alert, they don’t find her. Instead they come upon a girl named Mel that Sterling knew from the Ark, oh and they also come upon another wreckage spot of the Ark. Yeah, except this isn’t all nicely set up and safe. They landed in something like a cliff face, leaving only one survivor and a huge crash site. The team is split on what to do in this situation. Sterling and Bellamy want to take the time and save Mel who is hanging on the side of the cliff face by a branch. Finn is adamant in saving Clarke and leaving her behind, Murphy agrees (probably to stir the pot).

It seems to be an impasse until Sterling goes ahead and goes down for her without the group’s consent. Sadly this kid does not seem to know how to tie a knot correctly and instead of successfully saving her life, the rope unknots and he falls to his death. Unwilling to let him die in vain, Bellamy creates another rope and goes down for Mel. Grounders attack them and the group scrambles to pull the two of them up while being fired upon. Thankfully Octavia sounds a horn to warn of the poison fog and saves the team.

They pull Mel to safety and there’s an great reunion between Octavia and Bellamy. I’m curious as how long Octavia has been with the grounders, because she’s got the look and the skills down pretty fast. Then again, she is a pretty quick learner. With Mel injured, Bellamy, Monroe, and Octavia split with Finn and Murphy to go back to the Ark, while Bellamy arms Murphy with a gun to help Finn. I’m still super cautious of Murphy and his manipulative hold on Finn who is clearly torn apart about Clarke. Also the very brief scene with Mel and Finn tells me that the two might be a potential romance? Maybe I’m reading too much into a brief look, but just saying I have historically been correct in calling these things.

God damn it woman.[the100hd.com]
God damn it woman. [the100hd.com]
Speaking of new romances, we meet Wick again this episode. Remember Wick (I do)? He helped Kane save the people of the Ark instead of fleeing to safety in the Season 1 episode The Calm. Yeah, that fine ass is now on earth now. And he’s friends with Raven. The two have some great light hearted banter in the episode, which is perfect for Raven, who has been having a very hard time of everything. Despite her teasing of Wick, he builds her a leg brace that allows her to stand without crutches and the two collaborate in creating a beacon to bring survivors to them.

Of course, it was a short lived beacon that was shot down immediately by Major Byrne, but in that short lifespan, it managed to inform Clarke of their location. Ultimately it was successful. Then again, because of the beacon, the security around the border was increased, and lead directly to Anya’s possible death. You win some, you lose some.


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