With next year about to roll around, lets take a look at some of the highly anticipated role-playing games (hopefully) coming out next year!

The Witcher 2 was released in 2011 and it looks like four years after the fact, in February 2015, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be released! With the jaw dropping graphics found in the first two, there is no doubt that CD Projekt RED will keep this up in the third installment of the series. The website, found here, boasts a ‘gigantic and limitless open world to explore’.  Supposedly, this game will have a rather large open world – a whopping 20% larger than the open game world of Skyrim. That doesn’t sound necessarily ‘limitless,’ but that’s still quite expansive. The Witcher 3 will be released with sixteen free DLC’s for anyone who buys the game, even those of us who don’t pre-order. So far, little has been announced about the free downloadable content, but there looks to be at least one extra quest, an alternative skin (not for the main character), a beard and hairstyle set, and an armor set. The game will have to prove whether it offers anything truly new to the series, but it is sufficient to say that it should be interesting to play through, if only to explore the more expansive world.

It seems Nintendo will be releasing another Legend of Zelda game in 2015 for the Wii U. It is set to be the eighteenth game in the ongoing series. Not much has been released by Eiji Aonuma about this new installment, though it should be in HD, which isn’t really anything too groundbreaking. More about the game will likely come out as a definitive release date is put in place, but until then we just have to wait.

Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 15 are still works in progress, with release dates still ‘to be announced’, but they’re exciting titles none the less! Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix is being released December 2nd of this year, hopefully to give a small boost to the franchise’s fan base before they pop out Kingdom Hearts 3. Final Fantasy 15 has been in progress for quite sometime, so we can only hope that it makes its grand appearance in 2015. The trailer and game play teasers look amazing, with a definite change to the old turn-based battle system or the battle system found in the Final Fantasy XIII games. I sincerely expect this game to bring in new fans to the Final Fantasy franchise. Check out the Final Fantasy XV trailer for yourself!

Final Fantasy XV isn’t the only game Square Enix may be releasing next year, with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD releasing March 17th of next year. This is a remake of the game that originally only released on the PSP in Japan, so this will bring the game over to the PS4 and Xbox One (sorry PC gamers!) worldwide. This is one of the Fabula Nova Crystallis games, so expect some warriors of the light type action here. There will be magic, eidolons, and what seems like a renewal of the Final Fantasy VIII type characters (students, and similar weapon types). If you want to read up more on the story line, take a look at the Final Fantasy Type-0 website or just buy the game and learn the story first hand!

Atlus will also be expanding on their Persona series, with a Persona 5 trailer making waves. This game will supposedly focus around freedom, with the main characters seeking release from their monotonous daily lives.   The only release date out for Persona 5 currently is just ‘2015’. The game is still a mystery to many, with only this trailer to really go on.

Are you excited for these releases? Did we miss anything you’re waiting for? Tell us what RPGs you’re looking forward to seeing released in 2015 in the comments!

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