Arrow: Sara (3×02)

Synopsis: The team must grieve after a death in the family, and search for justice in the one who killed her.

Rating: ?????

I really like the way this season is moving. But, it’s also killing me slowly. Sara’s death, and now we get to see Tommy again?

I think we all knew going into the episode that we weren’t going to find Sara’s killer. So when they decided to bring in Matt Ward’s Simon Lacroix aka Komodo, I was pretty sure he was not the one who killed Sara and that this was more about showing exactly how on edge everyone was to try and get justice for the loss of their friend.

Unrelated, but, we missed you Tommy. [arrow-hq.com]
Unrelated, but, we missed you Tommy. [arrow-hq.com]
Most of the Team Arrow had their own forms of grieving, but Oliver kept himself cold and distant, doing everything he could to chase down Komodo. You have to hand it to his compartmentalization skills. He didn’t beat Komodo to a pulp, he didn’t even yell at him. Instead of him letting his rage take him over, he became a machine. It was heartbreaking to hear Felicity say that he didn’t have any feelings, but it seemed to give him a slap in the face with some reality.

Ollie has been, for the better part of two seasons, a machine. He’s compartmentalized, he’s cut everything down into the bare minimum. The fact that Diggle has to continuously remind him to think of himself and to consider his own feelings is not only a reminder of the kind of person Diggle is, but also of the kind of person Ollie is.

Felicity giving Ollie some necessary real talk about his grieving process. [arrow-hq.com]
Felicity giving Ollie some necessary real talk about his grieving process. [arrow-hq.com]
By far, the most painful moments this episode laid squarely on the shoulder of Laurel. Who can blame her? She went through all of the pain and suffering, addiction and losing her job, only to finally get back on her feet and have her sister back. And now she has lost her all over http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/adhd/ again. No faking her death now. She carried Sara back to Verdant on her own. And the realization that she can’t share it with her dad and that Sara doesn’t even get a real grave or ceremony, it’s enough to push her back to the brink.

Like I said, I think we’ll see her take up the cowl this season. Her taking revenge into her own hands and looking at Sara’s jacket feels like a nod in that direction. Not to mention her re-breaking that guy’s arm.

Felicity realizes that that doesn’t want to just stand by Oliver’s side and close off her life to other opportunities. Sara’s death allows her not only to accept Ray’s job offer finally, but realize she’s can have and should have more out of life than just Oliver Queen and the Arrow. Ray seems to be transforming into Good Guy Ray, as he announces to the 1% of Starling/Star City that he will be donating half of his net worth to the city.

The action scenes between Komodo and Arrow were on point. I love seeing motorcycle battles because not only are they absurd but they are so fitting in a comic book setting. Oliver catching that arrow and shooting it back at Simon was the best. I can only hope we’ll see a little more of Matt Ward in the coming season.

And of course there was Thea. The only time we see Oliver’s stoic features crack is when he is trying to contact his sister. Roy finally shows Oliver the letter she left him, and apologizes for keeping it from him. Despite his multiple calls and messages, it seems Thea is settling into her new family and a new name. We close the episode in Corto Maltese with Malcolm Merlyn observing a training session between three people and one coming out victor. Removing her mask we see a newly coiffed Thea, who regards Malcolm as her dad.


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