The Originals: Alive & Kicking (2×02)

Synopsis: Elijah comes face to face with his father, while Klaus makes a startling discovery about his mother. Meanwhile, Hayley attempts to win back favor with her pack and Esther is determined to discover Davina’s secret weapon.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

It seems Klaus and Hayley have been busy during all hours of the night racking up quite the body count of witches. Elijah, dismayed by Hayley’s savage behavior confronts Klaus. Klaus claims being a vampire only exaggerates what you truly are and that Hayley’s werewolf temper is simply heightened by her new appetite. Nevertheless, Elijah insists Klaus take Hayley to the Bayou to reconnect with her werewolf pack and hopefully regain some humanity and a scrap of dignity.

In other parts of the Quarter, it seems Davina is researching how to remove the bond between Marcel and Josh. Kol, masquerading as male witch Caleb, follows Davina from the shadows, attempting to discover what exactly Davina is hiding in that attic of hers as Esther, Kol and Finn still are unaware of Mikael’s presence. Marcel meanwhile continues to recruit humans for his new vampire army. Elijah approaches Marcel, demanding that he find the white oak stake for him or Elijah will shut down his little covert recruitment operation. Marcel and Elijah seek help in their search for the stake from Davina, who refusing to relent to their manipulation, dismisses them promptly. Elijah, using his brilliant powers of deduction, figures out that Davina has had the stake all along.

Look at those brilliant powers of deduction at work
Look at those brilliant powers of deduction at work [The Originals Online]
Also, in other news, it appears Caleb/Kol (seriously, this body snatching thing is getting really hard to juggle) has apparently already gotten Davina’s number and the two are texting. Man, he works fast. Over in the creepy graveyard, Esther and the witches are creating copious numbers of moonlight rings to the wolves in order to build an unstoppable army against Klaus.

Through flashbacks, we learn that Marcel, as Klaus’ young human ward, looked up to Elijah, who was his teacher, instead of Klaus. As a result Klaus, envious and believing he was alone now that Marcel favored Elijah, decided to create his own fun. He removed the stake from their brother Kol, unleashing some Mikaelson’s mischief upon the world. Eventually though, Elijah stakes Kol again to prevent his reckless behavior from influencing Klaus and his relationship with Marcel. Elijah then subsequently forces himself to break his bonds of friendship with Marcel, all for the sake of his brother.

Klaus takes Hayley to the Bayou as suggested, to search for the remnants of Hayley’s pack. Esther it appears has not gotten to her pack yet and Klaus hopes Hayley can convince them to align with her instead. Klaus claims Hayley is her pack’s rightful true queen but Hayley appears to still be in denial, admitting she misses her daughter desperately and that is clouding her judgement. She just needs to move on already. Using her hybrid abilities though, Hayley is able to locate her pack. Her pack however is none too happy to see her. Oliver it seems has taken over role as alpha in wake of Jackson’s disappearance. Hayley and Klaus make a short demonstration of power and leave, hoping that it will be enough.

Just another walk through the Bayou
Just another walk through the Bayou [The Originals Online].
Klaus seeks an audience with Cassie/Esther, demanding to face the “girl” who has been crafting moonlight rings without his permission. He listens as Esther recounts beliefs eerily similar to those shared by his mother. Long ago witches and wolves were at peace, until the vampires came along. Esther believes the vampires were a plague and a curse on this earth. The rings she claims even the playing field, convinced witches and werewolves are strongest when united. Klaus, taken aback by her lofty goals and Cassie’s choice of chamomile tea, begins to suspect Esther is using Cassie’s body.

In the meantime, Caleb and Davina share a drink together, where Caleb attempts to woo her by complementing her and using his charm. Esther however, becomes too impatient and sets up an ambush for Davina. Faced with a ravenous pack of hybrids, Davina instinctually calls upon Mikael’s aide. Unbeknownst to her though, she may have just given Kol, Finn, and Esther the answers they were seeking by revealing Mikael’s identity. During the scuffle, Davina of course looses the bracelet she uses to control Mikael. Really convenient eh? Right as Mikael is about to feast upon Davina’s throat, Elijah intervenes. When Mikael is just about to dagger a shocked Elijah with the white oak stake, Marcel and Davina reacquire her magical bracelet, giving her control once more over Mikael. Now that was pretty close…

Who should we kill first? Mom or Dad?
Who should we kill first? Mom or Dad? [The Originals Online]
Elijah and Klaus reconcile over their terrible evenings. Klaus admits he suspects Cassie is Esther while Elijah reveals the return of their father. When’s the family reunion? Now they have to decide which parent to kill first. In the mean time, Hayley has gotten her shit together and has invited several wolves that have chosen not to side with the witches to stay at the compound. She is still brushed off by Elijah though who has other pressing matters to attend to. While Klaus has sided with team wolf, Elijah is coerced by Marcel to side with him and his new team of vampires. It appears Elijah has a new fledgling vampire to mentor named Gia. Hopefully this is not a new love interest for Elijah, because that would be disappointing.

Kol, unappreciative of Esther’s reckless plans to endanger his life, appears to be being forced to do his mother’s bidding. When asked of the identiy of Davina’s weapon, Kol however, declines to reveal Mikael to Esther, claiming he was knocked out during the attack. Kol might be one of the most multi-dimensional characters yet. While rash and tempered, his truth intentions are still unknown.

It looks like next week we’ll be getting that deadly family reunion we’ve all be anxiously anticipating!



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