So for some reason we haven’t done a Nikita recap until now despite it being one of my favorite shows.  A pity that we start on one of the most frustrating episodes ever. I’m not sure how I feel about Nikita and the new division that has formed under Nikita, Michael, and Ryan, but I guess I have to live with it.

The best part in this entire episode was whenever someone in Division referred to this new baddie group as “the Shop”. I love it whenever Birkhoff gets on screen, from his Mordin action figure to his mentions of the T-Virus, I feel like he’s our representative on the nerd front. As funny as them saying “the Shop” is, there’s no doubt that there’s a new bad guy group on the rise. This is great, in my opinion. I’m glad to be rid of Amanda, who is a great villain, but starting to get a little too annoying. She’s in the background like she always is, but I want more action. I’m sick of Amanda and her subterfuge.

Example A, Alex. I’ve known for a while, like we all must have, that something happened to Alex while she was with Amanda. And as much as I love Alex, I want her to get over this. This whole mutiny business is literally like walking on thin ice. No matter what, if the people don’t listen to the authority in Division, Seals are going to come down there and wipe it out. It’s a problem. I can’t actually understand why people want to mutiny just because if they do they’re guaranteed a bloody death from the government. Now that Fletcher has been shot, there’s another dent in the government’s trust in Division.

Thank god Sean sees something is up with this. It’s also good that Michael sees something is wrong, because Nikita is clearly too heart broken over Fletcher being shot into a coma to be paying attention.

So with the introduction of the new baddie, at least we got a welcoming gift. Michael has his hand back! Yay! Well for now we can celebrate, but knowing this show, they probably did something to screw with it that would make him end up having to use a prosthetic again or something. Speaking of “the Shop”, I’m surprised Nikita didn’t take their cloak and daggers thing a little more seriously. I understand that they’re “thinkers” not “doers” but come on. It’s all just a little too cautious. Personally, I would be on my guard. But I guess bringing a bomb to a meet up is about as “on my guard” as someone can get.

Also just to close, being a native Mandarin Chinese speaker, it’s always hilarious to me when I hear people actually speaking Mandarin in the show. They even made a joke of it with the Asian Division agent who barely knew two licks of Chinese as he came barging in as a security guard. But I have to wonder why they don’t just speak their native dialects. Maggie Q is definitely more comfortable in Cantonese, and yet the one moment she speaks Chinese it’s in a frustrated Mandarin, where the responders speak Cantonese! I don’t know. It’s a petty thing to pick on, especially when I respect that there are even Asian, and specifically Chinese, actors who are getting into the industry. But it was just something that made me chuckle and think.

Well, next week we have the inevitable. Owen turns on Division. I don’t want to say that I’ve been hoping for this, but I have always had my doubts about him. So I am kind of waiting to see how this plays out. Plus, I know this will go into more about what’s happening with Alex and her brain. So I’m, as always, excited.

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