Z Nation: Home Sweet Home (1×05)

Synopsis: Honestly, I think the trailer for this episode explained it best: “Zombies. Torando. ZNADO. ‘Nuff said.” Okay, so, they also go to Warren’s hometown to look up her long lost hubby. But who really thinks he’s alive?

Rating: ★★★★☆

Kylee is off having a blast at New York Comic Con right now so I’ll be doing the recap for Z Nation this week. But don’t worry, she’ll be back with you guys next week and she’ll be coming back from NYCC with some cool stuff in store for you all after meeting up with some of the folks behind Z Nation.

But for now you’re stuck with me and this awesome Z Nation episode.

Just a nice shot of the team on the road. [SyFy]
Okay, so, over all this was a really nice episode. It was calmer and a bit more laid back that some other episodes. Sure, like always, there’s some how a million and one things happening. But it’s not too much this time around.

I mean, when we first join our wayward caravan of vagabonds they are kind of just chillin’ out in some abandoned farmhouse taking a nice little break. Citizen Z is on the radio playing music (and still making creepy comments about his new found infatuation with Addy). They’ve got an electrified fence and Garnett and Warren are just hanging out in the yard with their his and her coffee mugs. Cassandra’s sleeping on the couch while 10K maybe sorta tries to put the moves on her by tucking her in… before, you know, she tries to shank him. Doc and Murphy are playing cards and acting like real friends. So it’s not just cards that one time – now it’s twice! And, of course, Addy and Mack realize that they have some free time and decide to go upstairs and bang. Naked. Actually, fully naked in a real bed for the first time in basically ever. Those kids had the right idea.

It's nice to see everyone all kinds of normal. Even if it is just for a little while. [SyFy]
It’s nice to see everyone all kinds of normal. Even if it is just for a little while. [SyFy]
Not that this peaceful scene can remain, of course. This isn’t the Walking Dead. These people have a mission. So when the weather gets bad their power cuts out, the fancy electric fence goes down, and they all go running out the backdoor and back on their little mission to California.

Thing is, though, that the weather is just getting worse. Citizen Z warns everyone in the Midwest basically to take shelter and prepare for some real shit. Our ragtag group is trucking along when Garnett realizes they are nearing Warren’s hometown and asks if she wants to go back and maybe get some closure. She had a husband, after all. And, eventually, because we need a bit more feels in this show and a little less crazy zombie killing that’s just what they do.

You would think that they wouldn’t find anything and that they would continue on their way but holy shit! They come upon a message board and her husband – a local fire fighter – has actually left her a message saying that he’s waiting for her at home still. Of course, when they go there, here’s nowhere to be found. Instead they find a seriously injured guy and his girlfriend who claim “a fireman” told them to go there to stay safe.

These two are totally going to bang at some point. [SyFy]
These two are totally going to bang at some point. [SyFy]
At that point, the team breaks up. Garnett leaves Mack in charge back the house and charges him with watching after Murphy who, you know, is getting way too in touch with his zombie side this episode. He gets everyone downstairs where Doc tries to help out the wounded guy with no supplies at all. Garnett and Warren go off to the fire department to try and find some medical supplies but Warren – who is usually the more levelheaded and capable of the two – is having her own little emotional breakdown. And 10K and Cassandra are off trying to find some way to get back in touch with Citizen Z which doesn’t really work out at all.

The storm is really picking up at that point. We get to see some Znado action going on and it’s just as ridiculous and hilarious as you would expect. This tornado literally starts throwing zombies through windows. One even goes through the basement window of Warren’s house and instead of killing it right away Murphy – who shaved his head and checked out just how decayed his body looks now – does some crazy ass zombie-esque bullshit and then winds up like… hugging this dead zombie after Doc kills it when the tornado converges on the place because, yeah, this dude is going crazy.

Okay, no, seriously. Murphy, what's up here, bro? [SyFy]
Okay, no, seriously. Murphy, what’s up here, bro? [SyFy]
If this series doesn’t end with Murphy eating everyone I’m going to be surprised.


Garnett and Warren get to the fire department. They get some supplies and then get cornered by some zombie firemen – none of which are Warren’s husband. They make it back to the house in time to take shelter during the tornado but this is after Doc has already drilled into injured dude’s head with a power drill to relieave the pressure on his skull. But, you know, better late than never with those supplies. (10K and Cassandra meanwhile are morons who take shelter from a tornado in a car for some reason but still survive so good for them.

It's a freakin' Znado which is about 20% more awesome - and probably even slightly more realistic - than a Sharknado. [SyFy]
It’s a freakin’ Znado which is about 20% more awesome – and probably even slightly more realistic – than a Sharknado. [SyFy]
While Garnett runs those downstairs, Warren goes crazy, barricades Garnett inside the basement, and sits out in the living room in her husband’s favorite chair with a photo album basically resigning to dying or some shit. She keeps saying she’s waiting for him but, yeah, she’s momentarily lost it.

Or maybe she hasn’t.

Because either he comes to save her or she hallucinates him coming to save her and cover her with his body during the storm because she miraculously survives. And, at the end of the episode, we see a zombie fireman in his gear walking through a field all serene or some shit. So maybe he did rescue her.

Anyway, after all that the team is back on it’s way. Everyone figures Murphy’s just being Murphy with the hair cut bullshit but he seriously had like a moment with that zombie before Doc killed it. I mean, a serious moment. He looked at that zombie with loving tears waaaaay too long, my friends.

Also, what’s up with Addy? Either having sex with Mack wasn’t fulfilling enough or she’s got other issues. She’s freaking out, flashing back to stuff, and just… over all getting super crazy right now. I swear, if she winds up pregnant and we wind up in another zombie baby situation…

Like, c’mon people. You’re only in Illinois. This is not the time or the place to start losing it.


You’ve still got a lot of shit to deal with yet.

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