Utopia: Friday (1×8)

Synopsis: Calf is born, Josh rules Utopia, Voting begins. 

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Hex is now in charge of the garden. Bella is having a hard time taking control, and believes that the plants are not getting watered enough. Josh is trying to build her up and have her focus on something new. So now, Bella is to work on her art. Rob naturally starts an argument with her over how she didn’t use what was given to her water wise. It’s long, drawn out, and dramatic. Typical Rob and Bella fight.

Josh is going to run things like a democracy. First thing first, investments! He plans to build a workshop that will allow for glassblowing, wood working, etc. Man stuff.  Josh lets everyone know that he is open to suggestions. Next on Josh’s agenda? A giant water slide. Gotta play hard to work hard, right?

The vets show up. They are upset because the cows are losing weight due to someone (Bri) rationing their food. The vets give Red a shout out because he’s been the one managing the clean up, feeding, etc. Vets say that Red is the one who needs to be in charge of the cows, because hey, he’s worked with cows before and knows what they need. Bri is upset because the Vets stripped her of her power. Apparently no one told her the cows were looking thinner. Bri, if you were a goot vet tech, you would have seen that a mile away.

Amanda, Nikki, and Josh have a meeting about who has contributed the least to Utopia. They are all in agreement that it is Bri. Her sleeping in, being called out by the Vets, and generally do nothingness is not earning points with anyone. Second in line would be Bella, because of the lack of being able to let go. For Josh’s credit, he says that while he may not get alone with Red, that man does work and therefore deserves to stay.

Hex wants Utopia to aim higher. She believes they are pulling everything they hated out there into Utopia. Rob points out that they have to have money, and power. That there needs to be a system of checks, and money is the only check that they have. Hex is frustrated that the community is okay with settling with what they have. To vent she goes to find Taylor, but gets nothing much to her slight sadness.

Josh and Red work out in the barn and talks about who has contributed to the group. Bri has done the least, but Aaron also has done very little. Red points out that he does need Bri to help with the calf, when it is born. However, he only really needs that help if there are complications. Otherwise he has to call the vets so that would cost the group…but would it be more cost effective to call the vets and get real help, or keep Bri and have more animals die?

Everyone is up and helping Josh with the new workshop. He really needs some more tools, and it would cost about $375 to get them. Red has succeeded from the main group, but also pipes up that the building could easily be built with what they have. Rob cuts him off and tries to start stuff. Red, not having his stuff goes up to him afterwards for some choice words. After a brief argument, they walk away because Hex starts yelling that the calf has been born!

The Utopians are parents! Right away they give the poor calf a dumb name. Cash. They named the calf Cash. Bella has an issue with how they are treating Honey and Cash. She wants them to be gentler with the hours old baby, and not so rough with Honey in the milking stand. Chris and Taylor egg Bella on reminding her that the vote is coming soon. Anyway, they successfully separate baby and mom, milk Honey, and get Cash started on the path to success. Red lets everyone know that there needs to be someone there to watch over the calf night and day for the first few days.

Bri writes Chris a heartfelt letter about their relationship. As they sit on their pallet, they whisper back and forth. Bri doesn’t want things to be weird, and all she wanted was Chris. Chris says she is being weird, that she did have him, but Bri did a fine job of messing that up. She just really wants to be with him and admits that she’s messed up. He just really wants his shirt back….and for Bri to leave him alone. Bri walks off sadly, while Chris just falls back to sleep. Bri…seriously…just stop.

Voting has begun. There is a fancy new chalkboard up with everyone’s name listed. Rob is somehow in charge of this process, and wants everyone to take this super seriously. Everyone is to stand up, give a name and a reason, and mark their tally. The group is going to put two people up for replacement, while America (aka the pass holders) will provide the third. Most give a short explanation as to why they voted they way they did. Naturally Hex, Bella, Dedeker, Aaron and Bri give a long speech on who they are voting for. Final vote counts are Red- 4, Bella-5 , and Bri-4. Bella is the first up for replacement. Instead of having a tie break vote, Red puts himself up for replacement. Rob reveals America’s vote, and not surprisingly, it’s Bri. In three days, a final vote will take place to see who will be leaving Utopia forever.



Utopia: Tuesday (1×9)

Synopsis: Kristen rules Utopia, Josh makes friends, and someone gets voted out of Utopia. 

Rating: ★★★☆☆

The three people up for replacement are Bri, Bella, and Red. Bri is the choice that the pass holders voted for. Rob is somehow in charge of the voting board and all that goes with it. Bella is stressed out, Red just doesn’t care anymore, and Bri is being dramatic. However the girls plan to change. Bella will work even harder. Bri is going to keep separate from Chris (yeah, okay) and she’s just really sad that she let herself get way into that relationship. Josh and Ernesto agree that the person who should leave is the person that the pass holders voted for because they are the ones who hear and see everything that goes on.

Today begins Kristen’s rule of capitalism. She wants to separate the group and the private businesses. Amanda asks who will keep the money, ie will Nikki keep the yoga money, Aaron the bootcamp money, etc. Hex points out that it will create a wealthy/poor society and Rob laughs that he’ll be on welfare. Amanda and Josh are not happy with this as they find the whole plan crazy, and money hungry.

Josh, Nikki, and Bella are having a quiet meeting. Bella votes for Bri because Bri is a manipulator and is using her age to make people keep her. Which is true. So true. Josh tells Bella to lay low, because he really doesn’t want his special buddy to leave…even if she is totally crazy.

Rob is lobbying for Red to go, but Nikki and Taylor are voting for Bri. Their reasoning is that Red actually works and knows what he is doing, Bri however was voted for by outsiders. Therefore something must be up with her.

The Utopia Experience is up and running for a second Sunday. Kristen is out gathering the masses for a date auction. She’s trying to peddle Josh, but none of the ladies are having it. However there are two lovely gents who are willing to spend $200 for a double date night with him. Being the brazen man he is, Josh is all for the double date. While all this is going down, Mike is smooching with a new friend. Dude, you’re surrounded by cameras. Why would you do that?!

Bri reaches out to Bella for support in this time in voting. She asks why Bella would vote for her. Bella lets her know it’s because she sleeps in, doesn’t work, spends a ton of time with Chris. But she does have a beautiful spirit and has a ton to give. Bri tries to say that she’s brought in more money than Red has. Hey, Bri, did you go out and kill a deer that fed everyone for a while? No. Okay then. Also, Chris is apparently no longer attracted to you. So there’s that.

Josh is lobbying for Bri to go. So far everyone that he has talked to, Taylor, Hex, Nikki, Red, are all in agreement that Bri needs to go. Beyond all the personal reasons, it’s because she can’t get out of bed early enough to actually work.  Meanwhile, Bri asks Ernesto why he voted her her initially, and he states that all he’s had to go off of is work ethic and what he has seen. Bri says that she’s super dissapointed in that because had he been around longer, he would have seen her work.

Amanda challenges Kristen’s rule of captialism by asking her who she had to support outside of Utopia. Kristen only has to support herself and her dog, which isn’t very hard to do. Amanda points out that in Utopia, you have to support fourteen other people, along with yourself. Well, Kristen isn’t happy about this and runs off to Aaron to vent about how she was attacked over her ideas. She breaks down and Aaron comforts his best buddy. They both say that Amanda has nothing to offer, while Kristen has everything to offer the group.

The Utopians vote on who is going to leave, but not after speeches! Bella is up first. She gives a great speech about how she has lived alone with her cats for a very long time, and how everyone here has taught her about living with people again. Surprisingly she doesn’t cry as she tells them how much she loves them. Red tells it like it is. He makes no bones about not always getting along, but wants to come together with them to make this the best place they can be. He’s fine with whatever they decide. Bri is up last, with full water works. She lets them know that she led the barn with out the appropriate knowledge on it, takes full responsibility for it, and is just so sorry. Just so sorry, and she just really wants to stay. After the rest of the Utopians go around expressing who they are voting for and why, the group comes to a decision. Bella-1, Bri-2, and Red-9. Red is out of Utopia. The Utopia State of Freedom is officially gone. Red takes it in stride, wishing them luck. You just can’t fix stupid, Red. But you sure did try.



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