Sleepy Hollow: Root of All Evil (2×03)

Synopsis: When an old coin starts turning people to darkness, Abbie and Ichabod race to find it. Although they receive help from newcomer privateer, Nick Hawley, the coin soon strikes those closest to them. Meanwhile, Irving discovers the truth about Henry.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Ichabod and Abbie attempt to pay a visit to Irving in Tarrytown Psychiatric Hospital where they are told they do not have visitation rights because Irving’s attorney Henry has banned them. Following Henry from Tarrytown, Abbie and Ichabod race into a bank to confront one of the bank attendants that has literally lost her mind, holding a gun to the bank customers. Abbie tries to diffuse the situation, but ultimately it is sheriff Reyes who takes the fatal shot. Baffled over the woman’s actions, Abbie and Ichabod realize Henry is up to something. After pouring over security footage, the duo discover that the women took a coin from Henry.

Reyes has still not won me over quite yet. [Fox]
Reyes has still not won me over quite yet. [Fox]
Ichabod believes the coin is one of the fabled Tyrian shekels that were not used to bankrupt people, but rather to turn them to darkness. Apparently the coins were used to turn one of Ichabod’s historical friends, Benedict Arnold, the most notorious traitor in US history. After exposure to the coins, Arnold turned suddenly and ruthlessly on Ichabod. The coins are also known as the coins of Judas for their role in certain biblical stories. This show certainly has a knack for rewriting history. Henry claims that the coin doesn’t turn anyone though, but rather reveals the seed of darkness already inside people.

Meanwhile, Katrina continues to play her role as the mole, spying on Abraham and Harry and fruitlessly trying to reach her son. Katrina believes Henry desires a connection with her, by moving back into Fredrick’s Manor, the house he was born in.

Stumped by Henry’s larger design with the coins, Abbie and Ichabod turn to Nick Hawley, Sleepy Hollow’s go to guy for supernatural artifacts and a friend of Jenny’s. Hawley, a rather dashing privateer, asks to tag along in the search for the coin, in return for his assistance. Hawley is charming, albeit a bit brash, but ultimately looks like he will be an asset to the team.

Of course, Benedict Arnold was brainwashed by magical coins. That's the only logical explanation. [Fox]
Of course Benedict Arnold was brainwashed by magical coins. That’s the only logical explanation. [Fox]
We also learn at this time that it appears Reyes was responsible for putting Abbie’s and Jenny’s mother in the psych ward. This news startles and angers Jenny. Of course, the coin is still in action though and they put aside their feelings for the greater good. The next unwilling recipient of the coin creates a bomb and subsequently blows up his father and his flower shop with it. Abbie and Ichabod, believing the shekel will be in the evidence room after the bomb maker is arrested, are disappointed to find it is only a simple quarter. Meanwhile, Jenny, while participating in community service, is compelled to pick up the shekel deliberately planted near her by Henry, who managed to steal the shekel away from the station. The darkness soon claims Jenny.

Nick comes to Abbie, claiming Jenny is acting strange and has stolen a rifle from him. They soon come to the conclusion that Jenny will likely try to kill either Abbie or Reyes. Hawley reveals that the only thing that protects against the coin is consecrated glass, better known as stained glass. Ichabod distracts a priest by faking a confession, while Hawley illegally steals a piece of stained glass using his unconventional, but effective methods. The three of them then learn that both Sherriff Reyes and Jenny are out in the forest. Reyes is there to practice hunting, but Jenny is there with only one goal in sight: to kill Reyes. Seriously. How does Reyes always manage to be in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Ichabod, Abbie, and Hawley race to the forest to stop Jenny from making a fatal mistake while under the demonic influence of the coin. Abbie, stepping in front of Jenny’s rifle, demands to take the shot instead, using her own anger over her mother’s cowardness. Jenny eventually backs down, releasing the coin in the process. Holly then expertly neutralizes the coin with the stained glass. Crisis averted. For now.

They just can't catch a break. [Fox]
They just can’t catch a break. [Fox]
Ichabod attempts to pay another visit to Irving, but knowing he will be denied visitation rights, asks to visit with another inmate instead. Well played Crane. He manages to catch the attention of Irving and reveals the identity of Henry to him and asks him not to trust him. Irving, still desperate to escape and reunite with his family, remains skeptical.

Although Hawley has kept the coin for himself and has promised it will be kept safe, he offers Ichabod a consolation prize: falsified identification records. Ichabod can now legally drink and I must say, I am excited to see the possibility of seeing Ichabod drunk.   It seems Hawley will be sticking around though, whether because he yearns to discover the remaining coins, or maybe he just enjoys the company of Ichabod and Abbie so much. Whatever the reason, he is a fresh enjoyable face in a room of somewhat stagnant ones.

On another note, I honestly don’t think I can look at a Samuel Adams bottle of beer again after thinking its Paul Revere’s face plastered on the bottle instead of Adam’s. Also the discovery that Ichabod may be a gleek (fan of Glee) is rather disturbing. I’m not sure what propelled him to choose that particular teen musical drama but I am comforted that he said so with quite some distaste.

Next week, Sleepy Hollow is bringing the legend of the Pied Piper to life, most assuredly with their own added twist. It looks like it promises to be one wild ride and particularly disturbing. One thing is certain though, Abbie and Ichabod will have each other’s backs.


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