Teen Wolf: Monstrous (4×10)

by Elise Kulik

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

It’s always Peter, isn’t it? From Oni-killing silver arrowheads to magical tea, out of all the random deus ex machina shit we have going on, Peter is undoubtedly the most convenient plot device of them all.

Have a new werecreature in need of parentage? Have a nefarious character come back from the dead who needs a partner? Need a morally ambiguous character to give you creepy, semi-questionable advice? Decide to construct an elaborate plan to rob yourself and plot an elaborate genocide vendetta while in a coma? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Peter’s the guy for you.

This is the face of sloppy writing. [Teen Wolf Daily]
This is the face of sloppy writing. [Teen Wolf Daily]

Kira and Scott are off protecting the Buddhist werewolves and Soggy Paper Towel Lacrosse Brett from the army of hunter assassins. I say Soggy Paper Towel because Brett is functionally useless. Much like a soggy paper towel. Daddy Argent is playing Robin to Scott’s Batman this week.

Overall, it’s pretty boring- Scott restrains himself from brutally killing a hunter who was about to kill a little girl, and we’re supposed to feel…something. I’m not quite sure what. I think it’s pride for the gold-hearted hero, but I’m ambivalent. Daddy Argent puts a plant in a safe, undoubtedly for next week. #PlotPoint

Back to the main part of the episode, Lydia’s waiting around the sheriff’s station to talk to Meredith after last week. Meredith refuses to talk to anyone except for Peter.

The next part of the big reveal is patently ridiculous. There’s only so much disbelief I can swallow: while Peter was in a coma healing from his burn wounds, Mer was the patient in the bed next to him. She could hear all his lunatic rantings- poor Mer couldn’t shut Peter out.

Peter was angry at all the supernaturals, and wanted to start fresh by ‘cleansing’ them all. He concocted a plan to hire assassins and pay them off with bonds from his own vault. Mer was coerced into helping Peter execute the deadpool.

Peter, being Peter, tells us that he doesn’t remember a thing. Convenient and unconvincing, all at the same time. I’m angry at the character and the writers because this takes away agency and consequences for Peter if it’s true, and if it’s false, it’s just Peter playing his same old, tired game.

Anyway, in other news, Stiles and Malia make nice, and then they go investigate Lydia’s cabin. Malia is totally the brains of the operation. I love her character recently. She figures out that Lorraine probably wrote down the deadpool because she wanted to prevent future deaths. Lorraine also kept hanging out around the lakehouse, so Malia thinks she left something there to stop the assassinations.

Malia’s face = my face [Teen Wolf Daily]
Malia’s face = my face [Teen Wolf Daily]

So, the natural progression from ‘something’s in the lakehouse’ is apparently ‘let’s shamelessly tear up Lydia’s walls.’ Behind the wall paneling, there is a giant computer which is apparently running the entire hit list operation.

After that, Lydia figures out there’s a key in the wine bottle she spilled on the rug which will turn off the computer. Malia smashes the bottle, retrieves the key, and saves the day. #slay

Mer and Lyds [Teen Wolf Daily]
Mer and Lyds [Teen Wolf Daily]

Meredith and Lyds have a heart-to-heart at the end of the episode. Meredith started executing the deadpool after she heard Allison scream, because she thought everyone was a monster. Even though #NotAllMonsters are monstrous, which Lydia points out.

Meredith apologizes once she realizes what she’s done, and it’s heart-wrenching. She apologizes to Lydia because she says that Lydia and Scott aren’t monsters.

The episode closes with Peter meeting up with Kate.

What a surprise. Peter remembers it all, and the endgame is to kill Scott McCall.


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