DIY Flower crowns! That’s right! You too can learn to make your own flower crowns to toss at cast members of your favorite shows, or to wear during your binge session of Hannibal. They can also be used to general frolicking around a field, or even in the ruins of a castle during D&D. The possibilities are endless.

Gather your supplies!

  • Flowers. Any shape or color, fake ones are suggested for longevity.
  • Floral wire. The thicker the better, but also remember to buy the thin green kind.
  • Scissors
  • Floral tape. Find it by the fake flowers.
  • Super glue. Just in case
  • Pliers. Optional if you think you can twist and cut wire by hand.
  1. Determine if your flower heads are loose or tightly secured by holding them upside down and shaking. Should any fall off, add a dab of super glue to the stem and pop it back on. After doing that, grab your pliers and pinch right below the flower head. Give it a nice 90 degree angle turn. Measure about two inches from that turn, cut that flower off. Do that to all the flowers you bought.IMG_0701
  2. Bring out the thicker wire and wrap it around your head. Be sure to overlap the ends so you can attach them together securely. Cut where needed, fold the ends back on each other and wrap the extra wire around the newly formed ring. Don’t worry if it isn’t a perfect circle or gets messed up. It’ll even out in the end.IMG_0705
  3. Cover your wire frame in floral tape by wrapping it around. Pull it tight as you do so. It’ll feel a bit sticky; that’s because floral tape sticks to itself. The sticky feeling will wear away. Once that is done, line your flowers up around the edge in the pattern you want. PRO TIP: Make all the stems face the same way, and only cover about half of the ring. It looks better on and lays on your head in a more flattering way.
  4. Start wrapping your flowers onto the frame with the skinny wire. Bend the stem just slightly to give it a bit of a curve to make it easier. If you have all your stems facing the same way, and the stems are all facing to the left, start with the one on the right. It’ll make wrapping easier if you’re not trying to wrap behind the flowers. As you go, add in some leaves! It makes it look more realistic. Cover the ends of your flower ends with leaves. PRO TIP: Make the front center of your crown where the wires were hooked together to make the circle. This will hide that bump.IMG_0707
  5. Bust out that floral tape again. This time, just wrap over the flower stems that you wrapped up with the skinny wire. This helps to hide the wires, and keeps hair from getting caught in them. Once you have done that, pull that tape tight and add a bit of super glue for extra security.10357534_683144691754787_1214815177321010890_n

You’re done! Wear that flower crown, and show off that fandom pride!

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