Day one of Comic Con International has come to a close, though I hear the activities in the Gaslamp district are just getting started. Our reporters did some great work today and sat in on a ton of panels. What they couldn’t do, the rest of Twitter did, and here are the highlights I noticed for the day.

From the 24 Panel:

In a heart-warming panel, the people involved with 24 profusely thanked their fans for all of their hard work. They wouldn’t have been able to do the latest comeback season if it weren’t for fan demand. Now, there weren’t any announcements about a possible new season, but 24 the movie is still a real possibility. If you ask me, as long as they’re putting Kiefer Sutherland’s face on my screen, I’m going to be a happy camper.

From the Teen Wolf Panel:

This was another big panel of the day, hosted in Ballroom 20. From what I caught up with on Twitter, thanks to Kylee Sills live-tweeting, there are two things you need to know. One, there will be a fifth season, so new episodes are coming our way. Two, no one is safe from death. The new season of Teen Wolf is going to be good.
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From the Hannibal Panel:

Hannibal returned to San Diego Comic Con for its second year after being renewed for a third season. This was probably the highlight of the day for me (I’m biased, okay), especially considering how fan-oriented the panel was. First and foremost, Bryan Fuller and the team gave out a ton of prizes to fans who asked questions. Second, Bryan said he is now accepting tweeted suggestions regarding what to name the rest of Will Graham’s dogs. Third, big things are coming in the third season as we pick up the story a year after the finale (including Francis Dolarhyde making an appearance later in the season). The best part? Raul Esparza showed up on the scene and confirmed what most of us already knew: everyone’s favorite scumbag head of the Baltimore Hospital for the Criminally Insane is alive and kicking, and will have one bad ass scar.


Fans of the show Community rejoiced today and I think this panel was my favorite comeback panel of the year. Thanks to a bold move by Yahoo! Community will see another season. They thanked the fans for their dedication and revealed that new episodes will still be released on a weekly basis. It seems Yahoo! is not interested in following in the footsteps of Netflix and will not release the entire new season at once. Nonetheless, new episodes will happen!



I know for sure our editor Sam is going to be hanging out at the MARVEL TV panel, so be sure to follow her twitter handle for live updates (@samaside). You can also follow the @nerdophiles twitter account to see what else we’ll be up to. Our reporters will also be snagging interviews, so keep an eye out for updates on that. A few of the panels I imagine will be big news are The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

Giveaway updates:

Not at SDCC but still want to play along? I’ve got a few more giveaways to add on that surpass what was mentioned in my past post about how to play along from home. ThinkGeek has a SDCC prize pack contest going out and you can enter up to three more times before the convention is over. NerdFu is running a contest for a prize pack as well for all of us folks stuck watching from afar. Legendary Entertainment wants to hook fans up with some serious swag, so you should check out their Facebook giveaway.

Finally, our #NotAtSDCC giveaway is still going strong. We announced the first winner Thursday night after the convention closed, so congratulations to twitter user @nerdgasming for winning one of our four MARVEL Avengers Micro Muggs. All you have to do to enter to win one of the remaining prizes is tweet us @nerdophiles with the hashtag #NotAtSDCC and tell us what you’re doing this weekend instead of going to the con. At the end of every night, we’ll pick a winner, and anyone who doesn’t win will carry over to the next day.

Keep an eye out on our Twitter AND Facebook page as other contests and giveaways might come up.

nerd HQ

Off-Site Happenings:

Don’t have a badge, or are looking for something to do outside of the convention center? Check out NerdHQ. They’re having parties every night and you just might run into someone famous. There is also the Survival of the Realm Game of Thrones related exhibit in the Gaslamp District. If all else fails, try to get into the Geek & Sundry lounge.

That just about wraps it up for the first full day of San Diego Comic Con International, 2014. If you have any updates or find something you think should be highlighted, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or tweet at us! You could show up in one of our daily coverage posts!

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