Over here at Nerdophiles we’re pretty huge fans of TNT’s latest action series, The Last Ship. If we had to pick our top new series of the summer then this one would be it. It’s fun and full of action (and a little cheesey, we’ll admit). It’s got a fantastic cast and a plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Ever since we saw the pilot episode at WonderCon I will admit that I had been worried. It’s such a good show and the plot has so much potential. I’ve had to wonder, if worst came to worst, would one season be enough to satisfy us? Thankfully, I never need to know the answer to that question. Because we just got word earlier today that The Last Ship will be returning for a second season next summer!

We couldn’t be more thrilled.

TNT renewed the series for a thirteen episode season which is three more episodes of fast paced action, tough decisions, and life or death situations than we’ll get this year. Major Crimes will also be returning next year with fifteen new episodes and Falling Skies will end with it’s final, ten episode fifth season. The fact that Falling Skies is going to wrap up it’s storyline next year actually gives me a lot of hope and faith in the Last Ship ultimately getting the same send off someday. I will forever and always appreciate networks that let shows.

Better news could not have come out of the TNT camp today. Here’s to at least one more season with the men and woman of the USS Nathan James!

Keep an eye out in the near future for more news on the Last Ship. We’re bound to find out quite a bit more at SDCC next week!

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