Nintendo was going in as the underdogs of E3. Constant articles saying how Nintendo is doomed, the Wii U fails, Mario Kart 8 won’t save them etc. But they came in swinging, literally. This has to be the best opening to E3 I have seen in the last 10 years. They make fun of themselves, the fan boys and even their franchises. They do it in the animation style of Robot Chicken that I just thought was fantastic. So the games:

Yoshi’s Wooly World – This is the Yoshi’s Story 2 we all wanted, and we all deserve. The game looks gorgeous, vivid. The way they use the yarn in the level is something ten times more than what we saw in Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Also how you can play co-op is interesting by turning the other Yoshi and turning it into other balls of yarn to figure out puzzles.

Super Smash Bros. – So they announce Pac-Man, Game & Watch and Mii, which I figured as much. But now Palutena, which ok cool, I mean more characters the merrier. But one thing I hope Nintendo capitalizes on a Smash Bros anime, which makes me think possibly that the cut scenes for the campaign might all be, animated which put me in shock.

Amiibo (Smash Bros NFC) – This is what I was worried about. Nintendo, cashing in on the Skylanders/Infinity BS, but I’m actually intrigued and might pick them up. From what I understand this is a one-time purchase sort of deal. You buy the Mario amiibo figure and it has certain stats, stats that you can change by the way you play. Unlike Skylanders, where each figure had different stats, rarity and has evolved to this Pokemon/Magic: The Gathering card game economy where figures can cost hundreds. This is totally optional and not some play-to-win business model. You can watch your figures battle in smash or help you 2v1 someone. I think this is the best approach to this and the figures themselves are pretty nice quality. I see it as finally owning the Smash Bros. trophies you’ve been collecting in the game.

Splatoon – New Nintendo IP and something they are REALLY focusing on. I mean a good portion of the E3 presentation and I feel half of the Tree House event was dedicated to this. While I feel it does look fun, it’s nothing I’m salivating over. If anything this would be what Mario Sunshine looked like if it had multiplayer.

Star Fox Wii U – IT’S REAL. THAT IS ALL.

Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire – Release date yay! November 21st! I’m expecting special edition systems.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse – Finally, a sequel to Canvas Curse in the art style of play-dough/clay. Really liking the different styles in which Nintendo has you play their games.

Xenoblade X – Aka Xenoblade Gundam, which I cannot wait for and hope it comes out some time over the spring of 2015. I feel also this is going to be a Day 1 pick up not because I want it, but because I feel it might be like Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii where Gamestop has the exclusive distribution rights. This would make it a one-time release, thus a super rare game is born to those who didn’t preorder.

Mario Maker – The Mario Paint 2 I wanted. And more.

Hyrule Warriors – Mindless fun, playing as the Zelda characters you’ve always wanted

Zelda Wii U – Aka Zelda Scrolls. So seeing the game play trailer has currently made me think “is that Link?” I’ll have some suspicions (to be seen in a coming post)!

As writing this there is still the 90min Nintendo roundtable set for 6pm PT. This conference alone is double what E3 was and I’m thinking they are showing Majoras Mask 3DS and other 3DS games because most of the E3 conference was Wii U. Why Majoras Mask though?

Well, in a business sense, it makes sense. You have everyone hyped up for the Wii U Zelda game so you need to feed the fans something to hold them over. You have Hyrule Warriors for the Wii U side and you can have Majoras Mask for the 3DS side. This will not only boost sales on both platforms, but it’s perfect amount of Zelda till next holiday season.

Now, they aren’t going to talk about Majoras Mask for 90min because you’ve already played it. I’m expecting Shin Megami x Fire Emblem and maybe HD Mario Sunshine. The long shot here is seeing something F-Zero (unlikely with Mario Kart 8) and Metroid related which most likely would be 3DS going back to its 2D roots.

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  1. The roundtable will mostly focus on the mystery 3DS game, and other 3DS announcements perhaps. As far as Wii U software, all that had been shown already is it. Nothing new will be shown. No Sunshine HD, especially. Nintendo wants that thing burried.

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