So seeing the game play trailer has currently made me think “Is that Link?” After perusing the internet’s reactions about the game, the subject of the archer has brought up some great debate. However, here are some of my suspicions:

  1. The character shown in the trailer is not wearing Link’s traditional green outfit
  2. Aonuma said in a recent interview “No one explicitly said that that was Link.”
  3. The character in the trailer has longer hair and a ponytail, uncharacteristic of Link in previous games
  4. Upon further inspection, the character in the trailer is not carrying a sword. A bow and shield can be seen on the horse in the trailer, but no sword.
  5. The character in the trailer seems to be using what could be interpreted as a light arrow at the end of the video, which is Zelda’s trademark weapon.
  6. The character in the trailer holds the bow in a right-handed fashion, Link is traditionally left handed. (Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword made Link right handed to accommodate motion controls.)
  7. The horse in the trailer does not look like Link’s horse, Epona. The horse in the trailer appears to be dark brown with a black mane, in Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, the opening cinematic of the Game Boy Oracle games, and Twilight Princess, Epona is portrayed as being a reddish color with a white mane.
  8. The hood being worn by the character in the beginning of the trailer strongly resembled the one worn by Zelda in Twilight Princess.
  9. The character in the trailer is wearing blue, Sheik from OoT also wore blue, who turned out to be Zelda in disguise
  10. The face and figure of the character in the trailer appeared very feminine looking.
  11. Aonuma spent the beginning of the trailer talking about changing the conventions of the Zelda series.
  12. You may argue in Wind Waker Link wore blue very similar to what we see in the trailer. But I feel the animation style is a higher resolution of Skyward Sword. Which you have to think this is either years after Spirit Tracks or possibly in it’s own timeline.
  13. One person commented on my thread said, “It’s also worth noting that Zelda is associated with Nayru, goddess of Wisdom, whose colour is blue. So it’s kinda silly that she’s historically in purple and pink.”

These are my reasons to why it COULD be a girl. Not saying it is but giving reason on how it could be a girl. As for the “girl” it could be the daughter of Link and Zelda or maybe a long lost sister of Zelda who knows. I might be possibly reading into this too much and digging for something that isn’t there. zelda1

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  1. It can’t be Link! If it is, they’ve totally destroyed him for me… But I think it must be Zelda. Also, I love this post. Such geekery. ^^

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