Beginning today a temporary Pokemon Center in Paris will be distributing special edition Vivillons with a very distinctive pokéball patterning. We first learned about this particular pattern a while back when the Pokemon X/Y code was cracked revealing the existence of both an unreleased Fancy and Pokéball Pattern Vivillon. Considering it also showed a number of other Pokemon whose availability was unknown or uncertain – such as Az’s Flabébé – we never knew if we would ever actually be able to access them.

Well, folks, we can. Or, rather, you can. If you’re in Paris between June 4th and June 21st. If not… we may all be out of luck. You’d think they would offer the pattern at other locations, too, but if they remain as few and far between as they are now it may be nearly impossible for most people (aka me) to get them. And I’m already crying about it.

At least we can all get the Fancy Vivillon once the GTS hits 100 million Pokemon traded. That’s our consolation prize.

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