It’s a little late, but we spoke to the creator and executive producer of The 100, Jason Rothenberg, and The 100 cast members Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley. We asked them some questions that pertained to events from episode 8 and on of the show, so now we can finally reveal our interview.

We asked Eliza Taylor, who plays main character Clarke Griffin, about Clarke’s personality when she’s around Finn and Bellamy compared to her role as a leader and the tough exterior she puts up as the leader.

I think you see a lot from her side as a leader, and she definitely has a strong head on her shoulders compared to everyone else on the ground. We see another side of her with Finn and even with Bellamy. It changes because they are on an equal level, what do you think?

I totally agree. I love the sort of cheeky scenes with both Finn and Bellamy. I think there’s some great moments where obviously they don’t like each other but they respect each other. And they don’t care what either one thinks about each other, so they can say really mean things and it’s kind of funny, I think to watch for the audience. And then Finn definitely gets to see the lightest side of Clarke. That’s about as light as she gets in this series. It was really was really fun, during episode four and five, to sort of show a soft side to her.

So you mention that Clarke compartmentalize things, and as the show goes on more intense things seem to be happening, that she might begin to start breaking down. Will we see her not be able to compartmentalize things anymore?

Yeah I think it starts to get messy, definitely, which is great. They were very clever in the way they did this, we start the series all clean and pretty and you know, pale, and we get dirty, and sweaty, and bloody. The whole thing, you see the characters emotionally break down, but it’s linked with the look thing broken down throughout the episodes. I think they were very clever in doing that, and it definitely helped me as an actor.

You may remember from my first impressions of the show, that I had some reservations about the science of the show, and I asked Eliza about them here.

We’ve seen what radiation has done to the earth, and all of nature with the animals, are we going to start seeing what happens with the 100 that have landed with radiation?

It affects them in very different ways. We’ve seen the toxic fog, and we’ve seen the deer, and the giant sea snake. There’s a lot more things like that throughout the series. In episode 10, which is one of my favorites, I can’t wait for everyone to see it, their conditions definitely affect them.


We asked Bob Morley, who plays Bellamy Blake, about Clarke and Bellamy’s relationship. The pairing has been adored by the fans and I was also interested in seeing where the pairing would land with the procession of the show.

So the relationship between Bellamy and Clarke feel like they are natural leaders, do you think they are slowly going to get drawn closer and closer to each other.

I think the situation definitely brings them closer together. They definitely grow closer together. I think we show hints of the fact, that in order for the hundred to live the two leaders can’t be butting heads with each other there has to be some sort of common ground and they have to, you know, compromise their stances. As stuff continues on, they definitely grow together but they are always going to be conflicted because they go about problem solving in a very different manner.

So there’s nothing romantic between them?

I think romance get complicated, especially with the situation the kids are in; it’s hard for that to bloom in such a tough situation. But you know, never say never… You’ll have to keep watching.

Do Bellamy and Clarke come to a better understanding of each other?

Yeah, I think he’s always had that sort of respect. When he first got on the ground, he was unsure. He just he needed to stand his authority and to try and convince everyone of his idea, but I think he does have that kind of admiration and respect for how she goes about things. She’s such a strong character. And she knows everything, which can be quite annoying at times, but you know you have to admire someone for that, and she’s trying to do the greater good, and I think bellamy is trying to do that, but he just can’t comprehend how to do it properly. I think he is a little emotionally inept, and he can’t articulate what he wants to express.

We talked about the torture scene in episode 7 with Lincoln, and it’s impact on both himself and his character.

I know in the next two episodes, you have a pretty big role in both of them, with the flashback and also with the torture scene. Do you think the scenes with the grounders sort of changes his character, because it does look like he’s been through a lot.

Yeah even shooting that was quite brutal, it was probably was like three-four days shooting those scenes. And I remember coming home and being quite affected by it., but I think Bellamy is quite affected by it. And yeah, the arc they give Bellamy after that is quite an emotional one, and the really managed to articulate that and make it really beautiful for me, at least, to play. After that episode 7, there is definitely a significant change in the way he acts.
Jason Rothenberg joins his cast for a #selfie! (Excuse my horrible Apple photography skills.)
Jason Rothenberg joins his cast for a #selfie! (Excuse my horrible Apple photography skills.)

Finally we got a quick question in with Jason Rothenberg about the Grounders and their role in the story.

About Lincoln and the Grounders…

Through him, we being to peel the layers of this world, and by the end, what to me is fascinating is that we’re the bad guys. The 100 landed in their backyard, so even though we love them and they think we’re doing the right thing, when really they’re just trying to survive, they’re invaders, they don’t belong there. They landed in someone else’s backyard, and the people whose yard they landed in are warriors. They are fighting somebody else before they got there. … They are fighting somebody, and we by the end of the season, tell that whole story. And we will see who’s bad and who’s worst, and who’s the worst.

We saw a little bit of this in this past week’s episode, with the new emergence of more grounders and the leader of the grounders played by Dollhouse alum Dichen Lachman. The cast and Rothenberg were all a buzz about the upcoming episodes and especially the finale. No word on what is set for season 2 after their renewal on May 8th, but my opinion of this show has changed 100%. I am psyched for what’s coming up next.

(Excuse my horrible Apple photography skills.)
(Excuse my horrible Apple photography skills.)

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