Gotham: Mask Recap

[youtube=] Gotham: Mask (1×08) Synopsis: Jim and Barbara are still dealing from the fall out of last episode and it’s not exactly going well. Fish and Oswald fire shots over the bow in an attempt to remain cordial while still advancing their own schemes. Bruce is dealing with trying to reintegrate into […]

Gotham: Viper Recap

[youtube=] Gotham: Viper (1×05) Synopsis: Gotham comes under attack by a madman releasing a toxin in the form of a drug that turns people into super strong rage monsters. Bruce continues digging into Wayne Enterpise’s files to see if he can’t find some link to his parents’ murder and the Arkham […]

Gotham: Arkham Recap

[youtube=] Gotham: Arkham (1×04) Synopsis: Someone is going around killing councilmen in Gotham and it’s all related to the upcoming development plans for the Arkham neighborhood and Arkham Asylum. Meanwhile Oswald Cobblepott’s plans start to come to fruition a lot sooner than expected. Rating: ★★★★☆ Gotham has probably become my favorite Monday night program at […]

Gotham: The Balloonman Recap

[youtube=] Gotham: The Balloonman (1×03) Synopsis: A vigilante in Gotham City decides to go around tying bad guys – including a dirty cop – to weather balloons. Meanwhile word of Jim’s supposed murder of Oswald Cobblepott has gotten around and Montoya and Allen start to come down on him and his hard. But […]

Gotham: Selina Kyle Recap

[youtube=] Gotham: Selina Kyle (1×02) Synopsis: When the Dollmaker starts collecting wayward street urchins from all around Gotham for some sinister purpose, Gordon and Bullock have to find a way to rescue them. Selina Kyle, unfortunately, gets caught up in all of it and certain information she has about the Wayne murder […]