This week Person of Interest indulged in a one week hiatus, much to the sorrow of fans everywhere. However, CBS did not disappoint because right after running a repeated episode from earlier in the season, they gave the fans 18 seconds of pure horror in the form of a promo for next week’s episode:


First and foremost, can we just talk about how EVERYONE LOOKS LIKE THEY ARE ABOUT TO CRY in this promo? Finch and Reese both look like they are going to burst into tears at any moment. Shaw gets shot in the leg in a dark forest while Reese runs with Finch in the other direction. I’m pretty sure that there is nothing right in this promo

Nothing is okay and everything hurts.

Needless to say, the reactions on tumblr were almost instantaneous as the Person of Interest fandom stared at their televisions and computer monitors in utter horror and terror in the face of what next week will bring.

tumblr reactions 1

Second, I just have to say that I am simultaneously dreading and feeling excited for next week’s episode. Person of Interest has never failed to give the audience a jaw dropping season finale. As the show rushes full speed ahead into its inevitable season conclusion, things are no doubt going to get worse before they get better. Let me remind everyone that as of last week, the United States’ government has ceased to utilize the Machine to stop terrorist attacks, Vigilance leaked information about the Northern Lights program to the country, and DECIMA came closer to birthing its own version of the Machine.

To put it in layman’s terms: the crap has hit the fan and it is getting everywhere.

The best part is? I have a feeling the writers are so ready to rock our worlds in the remaining episodes. I took to Twitter to curse their terrible betrayal:

nope poi


Which of course was quickly followed up by one of the writers (David Slack) favoriting the tweet:

So ultimately we’re stuck waiting anxiously until next week to figure out what the heck is actually happening. For now, as we finish out this week of hiatus, we’ll just have to react poorly to the promo on tumblr like the anxious fans we are (profanity included).

tumblr reactions 3

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