That’s it, folks. Pack it up. Google has one April Fool’s Day 2014. Everyone else can go home. Your efforts are appreciated but unnecessary. This is what I will be doing for the rest of today and tomorrow until the ‘challenge’ ends on April 2nd.

So, basically, Google has decided to populate Google Maps mobile apps with 150 Pokemon dispersed all around the world. You have to zoom in pretty close in certain cities and then move around through the city looking for little pixelated Pokemon sprites. Click on the sprites and you have the option to catch them after which you can check out their entry in your Pokedex. They aren’t the original 150 but instead a mix of various Pokemon from across the generations.

The easiest starting point is the Googleplex in Moutan View, California but you’ll only catch a handful of Pokemon around there. Not sure where else to look? Don’t worry. The Internet totally has you covered. Reddit immediately started pooling resources to find them and created a couple useful documents that you can find here and here to complete your own Pokedex. Kotaku also has a pretty great conversation going, too. Many Pokemon can be found in various places and they are doubled up all over the map. I’ve found Eevee like three times so far.

However, Donphan – the elephant/armadillo Pokemon – in Texas (at the Alamo) is probably the most appropriate thing ever.

If you’ve found a Pokemon some place not listed on the linked resources feel free to edit them or comment on them or add your locations in the comments here!

Apparently, if you collect al 150 Pokemon Mew materializes somewhere on your map. Check the links I listed above for more hints on what’s up.

Proof that it’s totally possible to find all 150! [imgur]

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