The 100

Pilot Rating: ★★★½☆☆

The 100 is the new science fiction, post apocalyptic, survival, teen tv show by The CW. It’s based on the young adult novel called The 100 by Kass Morgan. The pilot debuted last night. So how did it go? Well, I’d give it a three and a half stars out of five. Maybe I’d round it up to four if I was giving it some slack, but there are a few things that are just too laughably absurd that don’t make me want to give it any slack.

Mild expository spoilers, nothing too big, are below.

The premise of the story is that a hundred years ago earth was ravaged and destroyed by humans in a nuclear war. The 12 nations that had space stations found their survivors in space and have been living there until earth is inhabitable again.

Now, the space station, named the Ark, is under some massive population control and anyone who breaks even the smallest of laws, gets thrown into jail. Those over 18 are sent out the airlock, and those under are held in jail until they receive sentencing at 18.


Well, that was the case. Until the government (apparently comprised of Americans, unless this is just the American part of the shuttle, though it didn’t seem like it) decided to drop all (even) one hundred minors down to a radioactive earth for a lab experiment. Apparently there’s a theory that earth will be inhabitable in 200 years, and they just couldn’t wait.

Of course, they don’t really warn the kids. Or give them any guidelines. Or any basic survival training. If this was an actual experiment on living, they should have probably spend a few hours just teaching them survival tactics. But no one did, so now they land on earth, and what’s the first thing they do? Party!

And what’s the second thing they do? Cut off their trackers, which track their vitals and accumulate data for the rest of the human race! Third thing? An anarchy in which we get flashbacks to Lord of the Flies and a lesson in mob mentality.

Seriously, the absurd amount of stupid choices these kids make (and I can call them kids since none of them are actually adults) makes me surprised they even lasted the pilot.


I am no scientist, but I don’t think 100 years after a nuclear wasteland would turn the earth lush and green again like nothing ever happened. We aren’t traveling back in time. Massive mutations that I guess can be explained under the broad umbrella of “radiation poisoning/radiation mutation” could explain some of the things they find on earth, but really? Bioluminescent plants? I guess all of that skeptical science can be put under the radiation umbrella.

Thank god the show employs a helpful protagonist, who is actually smart and uses her knowledge to navigate the dangerous foreign soil and speak out when the audience feels like face palming.

The show has too many characters making horrible choices, and I know it’s just the pilot and I should reserve judgement, but I am saying now that 90% of the characters are in need of some logic. There are so many issues I have with the show, but at the same time, it’s watchable. Ultimately, I am curious enough to watch these kids make more horrible decisions, devolve further into redundant anarchy, and see what else a ravaged earth holds.

The drama on the Ark is more of a filler, and I still have a problem with the fact that it seems like this ship is 100% Americans. Like 100 years did not make you all into one race, can we please have some Russians at least?


Also the fact that there is a “lower class” surprises me? I mean, I guess people will always go into their own groups, but I’m pretty sure anyone who is smart enough to be an astronaut, should probably be useful on the space station.

It just seems unrealistic. Not that there wouldn’t be criminals, but it seems like they are mocking the protagonist for being a “princess” when they all probably came from well educated backgrounds. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong…

Should you watch the pilot?

Only if you can tolerate teenagers acting tremendously stupid (to be fair it was adults acting tremendously stupid when they decided to drop a hundred convicts who haven’t tasted freedom on a literal abandoned planet), because if you can get past that (and maybe you’re not a picky scientist) then the plot has some twists and holds out on some information that would be interesting to at least keep going for another few episodes. Especially with the plot twist at the end.

Plus, the CW is pretty good at turning possibly horrendous plots into pretty good B rated TV shows (it doesn’t sound like a compliment but I swear it is, I love you CW).

5 thoughts on “Should I Watch The 100?”

  1. Biggest plot hole of them all… Technological advances like hundreds of people in orbit (many of them possibly American tourists) and nobody thinks to have a final signal sent when arm band is removed VS death? And the whole teach them a little bit about survival (Which if they have to keep it quiet they can’t) ask 300 volunteers and teach them survival, don’t tell about Mt weather, call us if you survive… It’s a teenage view of adult thinking and i hope the writers were aiming for that because if not they are showing the intellect of the idiots running the station.

    1. At least the main character doesn’t act like a total idiot. Though after last night’s episode I’m in it just to laugh every time Bellamy makes more rules and says how free they are.

  2. i like it but its so stupid like i didnt know that ur atmosphere is 20 times bigger and i didnt know that nucler fallout can be gone in 100 years i all ways thought that it will take at list 20 to 50 Thousand years but some how i still like it oh and i forgat to say that i didnt know that monkys can evolve from stupid animal to using tools in 100 years!

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