The Walking Dead: Alone (4×13)

Synopsis: Bob is hellbent on keeping anyone from being alone, while Daryl and Beth continue thinking they’re the only ones left.

Rating: ?????

No such luck for a “Beth vomits all that moonshine up” opener. Instead, we get a flashback to Bob’s lonely wanderings before Daryl and Glenn find him. A montage of sad, lonely wandering follows. We’re reminded of his alcoholism as he drinks the last of what looks like cough syrup. They ask him the three questions – he’s killed a couple dozen walkers and one woman, because she asked him to – and he doesn’t have any questions for them because he’s just happy not to be alone anymore.

In the present, Maggie, Sasha, and Bob are standing together in a fog, listening to walker groans as they get nearer and nearer and no one can see more than three feet in front of their faces. Suddenly, the walkers begin to emerge and they’re swarmed. Bob magically is saved from a walker bite by the bullet bandage on his shoulder and Sasha saves Maggie by shooting another zombie in the head. As the action settles down, Maggie wants to keep going in order to find Glenn, while Sasha isn’t very hopeful about the future at all.

I don't know... No one checked Bob thoroughly...
I don’t know… No one checked Bob thoroughly…

Beth and Daryl have made up fabulously and she has his crossbow while he teaches her how to track. She says some foreshadowing stuff like, “Pretty soon I won’t need you at all.” Rule number one: never press your luck with statements like that. As she comes upon the walker she was tracking, she steps in a bear trap and injures her ankle. Daryl swoops in and kills the walker for her, but the damage is done. He has to help her limp along before giving her a piggyback ride that looks to last about fifty feet to the house nearby. Daryl gets his turn to say something foreshadow-y, and harkens back to Morgan, when he says he doesn’t think the good people survive.

Maggie, Bob, and Sasha find one of the Terminus signs and Bob is the first one to remember the garbled radio transmission that no one ever talked about again – Tyreese missed it when he saw the sign. Maggie wants to go, Sasha doesn’t, and tie-breaker Bob sides with Maggie. But later when Bob and Sasha are sitting in their makeshift camp, and discussing what should be done, while Maggie is away getting firewood, she still thinks they’re making the wrong decision. She thinks they should find a town and start over and that they need to talk Maggie into that because Glenn is most likely dead.

Nothing suspicious about this at all. Nope.
Nothing suspicious about this at all. Nope.

Daryl is clearing the house they’re bunkering down in while Beth notes how clean it is. He agrees, assuming that someone is tending to it and could still be around. There’s a creepy dead body, a walker cleaned and dressed up nicely in a suit. They find two more similar dead bodies in the basement, but Daryl is just trying to get Beth’s ankle wrapped. Beth thinks it’s the most beautiful thing that someone is molesting these dead bodies to look like “people” and Daryl rightfully thinks she’s crazy.

While raiding the cupboards, they find perfectly preserved food and Daryl notes that it must be someone’s stash. He decides they should only take some of it and Beth gets smug about there still being “good people” in the world. They eat some of the food and make themselves at home. There’s more Beth singing while she plays the piano and Daryl ominously lies in a coffin.

When they wake up, Bob is reading a note in the dirt from Maggie that told them not to risk their lives for her. He wants to follow her, pressing the issue until Sasha relents. Maggie is alone further on when she’s attacked by a walker. After dispatching of it, she leaves a note for Glenn in walkerblood that Bob and Sasha soon find. Bob has to explain to her that he’s happy he’s broken his streak of being alone when they find Maggie’s note and determine that she must not be too far ahead of them.

But, hey, who cares about Beth, right? No one cares where Beth is (I sure don't).
But, hey, who cares about Beth, right? No one cares where Beth is (I sure don’t).

They end up having to camp out overnight, with Sasha sitting up and listening to a walker from somewhere unknown. Bob wakes up and tries to talk to her about why she thinks Tyreese is dead and that they both know Tyreese would go to Terminus. He tells her he thought she was the toughest and the sweetest person he’s ever met and then lays back down, leaving her to listen to the walker growl.

Hearing the cans rattle outside the door, Daryl goes to investigate only to find a dog that runs away from him and life resumes as normal. Beth wants to leave a thank you note for whoever lived in the house and Daryl tells her she might not have to do that, if they stick around for a while. He’s giving in to her boundless optimism and letting his guard down. Which is a horrible thing, tactically, because he hears the cans rattle and the dog again, but when he opens it, he’s greeted by a herd of walkers.

An insane sequence follows, where Beth hobbles out of the house and Daryl somehow escapes the walkers who follow him into the basement. When he goes to meet her up the road, he finds her bag on the ground and sees a car speed off, presumably with Beth inside. His only choice is to go running after the vehicle. He runs all night until he’s just walking in the direction of the car. He has nothing but his bow and ends up sitting down on the ground near the railroad tracks various other characters have come upon lately.

Poor guy. He just lives in a cycle of bonding and then losing it all... much like everyone...
Poor guy. He just lives in a cycle of bonding and then losing it all… much like everyone…

In the morning, Sasha and Bob come across another note from Maggie and then a town where Sasha spots a tactically advantageous building to hole up in. She tries to sell the idea to Bob again, but he is determined to continue on. He even tries to kiss her to change her mind, but ultimately he continues on and she stays. As she goes up to the second floor of the building, she almost starts crying before pulling herself together. She looks out the window, magically sees Maggie laying on the ground for some dumbass reason and knocks out the window pane on accident.

With the walkers in the area now alerted to both of them, she runs to join up with Maggie and they both kill the walkers advancing on them. Maggie asks about Bob and admits that she heard Sasha talk to Bob the day before, about how Glenn was probably dead and they should stop. She also heard Sasha’s idea about the town and was waiting for them. She was waiting so that she could ask for their help in getting to Terminus, she knows now that she can’t do it alone. Sasha finally relents and they catch up to Bob to continue all together.

Did you guys know Sasha was a firefighter before the Apocalypse??? I feel like I just learned Andrea was a lawyer all over again.
Did you guys know Sasha was a firefighter before the Apocalypse??? I feel like I just learned Andrea was a lawyer all over again.

Still sitting in the road, Daryl is surrounded by six men with weapons. As soon as one gets close to him, he punches him and holds the bow in his face. That man seems to be the leader of the group and stops the others from harming Daryl, offering him a spot in their gang. He asks him, “Why hurt yourself when you can hurt other people?” That… bodes well… And if the group looks familiar, they should – it’s the same group that almost offed Rick two episodes ago! In the very last shot, Glenn sees the sign for Terminus.

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