In case you missed it, this past week Kickstarter was hacked. They put out a press release strongly urging users to change their passwords, but insist that only two accounts showed any kind of fraudulent activity. No credit card data was accessed, but it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your account regardless. That safety PSA out of the way, let’s look at some of our favorite Kickstarter projects that we found this week.


Geeked Apparel by Geek Studio

geeked apparelAbove you see two of the ten planned designs by Geek Studio. I’m already such a big fan of their Etsy shop (and their drift compatible friendship necklaces) that any more products they can produce makes me happy. The ten planned designs span so many different fandoms that there’s bound to be at least one that appeals to you. My personal favorite happens to be the Stark Mechanic & Repairs shirt, but I would buy almost all of them if I could! If Geek Studio meets its first stretch goal, we’ll get tank tops! And if it meets its second stretch goal, we can get these shirts in women’s fit!

Under $20 Rewards: The trick is to know that this Kickstarter is collecting in CAD. For 10 CAD (or about $9 USD), you get a postcard-sized print of your choice from 11 quotes. For 15 CAD (or about $13.50 USD), you bump your print up to 11″ x 17″ in size. And for 20 CAD (or about $18 USD), you get one shirt of your choice. But if you hurry and pledge, you can get be one of ten to get a shirt for only 15 CAD!

Ends on March 22, 2014.

Cosplay Boom Season 1


For those of us who maybe weren’t thrilled with Syfy’s Cosworld (guilty!), Cosplay Boom is setting out to give us another look at the world of cosplay. The video above, as well as the videos featured on their Kickstarter, are already more exciting to me than anything Syfy put out. Check out the amazing Character Spotlights they’ve already started releasing via updates. Judging by the quality of those videos, and the extremely positive way they are approaching cosplay as a whole, Cosplay Boom could put out something really amazing with a fully funded Kickstarter. As someone who has hardly considered cosplaying in the past, it does a good job of making me want to abandon all inhibitions and try it.

Under $20 Rewards: For $5, you can get your name in the credits of the documentary. $9 gets you access to the behind-the-scenes video blog and high resolution images from the documentary. And for $19, you will get a digital download of all of Cosplay Boom Season 1.

Ends March 12, 2014.


peacekeepersPeacekeepers is a webseries about 20-somethings following mysterious text messages to get paid and save lives in NYC. They know about the circumstances surrounding a person’s death beforehand and are given a countdown clock to prevent it. Sign me up (though my directional skills are somewhat lacking, I’d probably be fired within the first week). The first episode is up on their Kickstarter page and is fantastic. They’ve planned out a full first season of six episodes, but are only planning to back the next two with Kickstarter funds. And be honest, you came here for Cecil Baldwin, who is slated to cameo in episode two, so pay up if you want to see it!

Under $20 Rewards: I won’t lie, $20 and under doesn’t get you much more than bragging rights, shout-outs, and a place on their webpage. If you really want to support them, spring the extra $5 and get yourself digital downloads of the whole season.

Ends March 6, 2014.

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