Teen Wolf: Illuminated (3×16)

Synopsis: It’s Halloween in Beacon Hills and five mysterious figures haunt the shadows.

Rating: ★★★★☆

After Isaac is attacked my by five masked figures. Chris tells him and Allison not to tell anyone about it as they’re probably coming for. In his room he takes out a box and inside is a mask broken into pieces. The opening follows and I was so confused when I first heard it. I thought that maybe my laptop was acting up or something. That being said after I got over my ditsy moment I did like it.

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Agent McCall questions Kira, as well as Scott, Stiles and Lydia, about what happened with Barrow. Although he’s not buying the lies they’re trying to sell him he lets them go. Though Kira isn’t allowed to get her phone back, which isn’t good at all since it has pictures of her glowing which would be a pretty big clue that she’s something supernatural. Scott helps her retrieve it from the evidence room in the police station and delete the pictures while Stiles has to distract Agent McCall from finding them. He confronts Agent McCall about his attitude towards the Sheriff and brings up this secret that both Stilinski’s know about McCall. Hmmm, interesting I wonder what it could be about?

The twins help Danny set up a UV party in Derek’s loft because nothing screams ‘Redemption’ like a party hosted where they killed a guy.  Poor Derek can’t even leave his house to buy candy for trick-or-treaters (and who didn’t love this scene, especially his self-satisfied expression after her roars at them) without his home getting invaded by intoxicated, painted teenagers.

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Scott takes Kira to the party and they hold hands, which is adorable. All their scenes are just too adorable. They’re going to give me a cavity with all of this sweetness. Another thing I appreciated in this scene was the unspoken communication between Scott and Allison. It’s obvious that although they’re important people in each other’s lives they understand that they’ve both moved on and it was such a nice, mature scene. Allison also getting her own dish of romance with Isaac when the two are finally open about their relationship and set the scene a-blazing with their sexual tension. It’s a love fest for nearly everyone tonight as even Stiles gets some action. It’s only Aiden who gets the turned down, rightly so, by Lydia, who tells him that she doesn’t want to be with a bad guy like him. And I think we all cheered at this moment.

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The mysterious figures appear again during the party attacking Lydia and Ethan. Derek finally turns up to the party (has Derek been passed out by his car this entire time? And no one saw him? Or his car? Or did they just step over him to get to the party at his loft?) and kicks everyone out. The werewolves try and fight the masked individuals but they don’t seem to be able to die. Luckily they disappear but not before branding Aiden with the same figures the others who were attacked have. Meanwhile Chris returns home bloody and hurt.

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Stiles leaves the party early after getting a hint as to what room the mysterious key, which he found in his locker, opens. It’s the same room that had the message from the last episode to kill Kira. He writes next to the message and the handwriting matches. This brings up so many questions: Was is Stiles who made Barrow go after Kira? Is he possessed? Is it because of the Nematon? Fortunately we have an entire week to think up all kinds of conspiracies.

But before I end this let me first mention that great scene in at school between Lydia and her mum, although it was riddled with continuity errors (Mr Harris taught chemistry not biology) it was nice little etxra addition to the episode.

Also how cool was that party? Putting aside the obvious bad things about it I think it looked so cool. I have no idea what Lydia bashed it for being a rave. Plus who can complain about the obvious fan service of shirtless guys? I mean Ethan literally ripped Danny’s top off, I doubt Allison was the only one feeling frustrated during this episode.

Furthermore Caitlin asking Stiles about whether he liked boys too, his lack of an answer plus his pensive expression all point to bisexual Stiles being canon.


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