Teen Wolf: Galvanize (3×15)

Synopsis: A murderer is on the loose at Beacon Hills High School and Scott and his friends try and find him before he can kill someone.

Rating: ★★★★☆

A man named Barrow is transferred to Beacon Hills Hospital for an operation. This has Melissa and the Sheriff freaked since the man is a known murderer who previously killed a bunch of kids and intends to do it again. During the pre-op interview Melissa questions him he tells her he blew up the kids because he saw their eyes glow. On the operation table flies burst out of his chest and he kills the surgeon and escapes to the school, which is then put on lock down. Lydia explains how she’s been hearing a buzzing noise all day, which is probably connected to Barrow. Scott, Isaac and the twins (urgh) , the use their noses to try and find him while Allison sneaks out of the school to see if she can find any clues in the beastiary. The werewolves don’t find Barrow.

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Speaking of twins, after they are shot down by Stiles, Isaac and Scott when they ask to be a part of his pack, they decided to go back to high school to show Scott that they’ve changed or something. It’s not long before Lydia and Aiden are sucking face but Ethan isn’t as lucky as he spots Danny making out with his ex (come one Danny, find someone else already and move on, preferably not Ethan this time though).

A face I’m sure we’re all glad to see back on our screens is Coach Finstock, who the brunt of ‘Mischief Night’ which happens to fall on his birthday. I’m glad that he’s back, he has the best lines. Though Scott wins flat out in this episode in the category of cuteness. He smiles so much in this episode, undoubtedly the best one was when Stiles called him the “hot girl”. He was just so happy about it; I almost died.

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Meanwhile Isaac goes over to the Argents apartment to “help” Allison research. First he’s electrocuted when he enters through her window, rejected when he goes in for a kiss, then when they’re stripping her dad walks into her room. Not the most encouraging sequence of events for a blooming romance. I must say, though, that this couple is growing on me, I wasn’t too sure about them in 3a as the writing kind of just forcing them together, but now it feels as if the scenes are more natural and therefore more fun to watch.

Derek and Peter are back in town and head to Derek’s loft. Inside the box that they retrieved last episode are Talia Hale’s claws. (I honestly don’t know what to think about the fact that after the fire Derek found her last remains and has kept them all this time. Is it creepy or is it touching?) Derek forces Peter to use scratch them into Derek’s neck so that he can speak to his mom.  What he sees is the Nematon in his loft and his mum in wolf form flashing her eye’s red. When it’s over he gives Peter a shocked and quite terrified look and who knows what that means. Has Peter screwed up again or is this even worse?

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Kira’s dad invites Scott round for dinner to thank him for saving Kira in the last episode, and you’ve got to love a dad who actively tries to help his daughter’s social/love life rather than hinder it (take notes Argent). The entire scene is awkward and cute and just fantastic to watch. And the look Scott gives Kira when they’ve departed to her room is just swoon-worthy. Unfortunately this is teen wolf and nice moments come hand in hand with bad moments. Barrow kidnaps Kira and Stiles, Scott and Lydia go try to rescue her before Barrow can electrocute her. However she doesn’t really need any saving as she is able to control the electricity. And that was a plot twist I was not expecting.

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Still hanging out in Allison’s rooms Isaac is surrounded by mysterious figures that come out form the dark.

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