Anyone else looking to pick up a PS4 at launch? It’s an expensive endeavour. Trust me, I know. I put $160 down already and I’m looking at another $280 abouts (including tax) come next Friday.  It’s certainly cheaper than the $600 launch price of the PS3 way back in the day but its still a lot. And that’s before you factor in games.

Luckily Target is taking one for the team and helping all of us pick up some games for our new consoles in the $40-$42 price range this week. It’ll take a little work on your part but it’s definitely worth it. (The industrious and smooth talkers among us may even be able to score games as low as $28 each – more on that later.)

There are two ways to do this.

1. B2G1 Deal on All Video Games THIS WEEK ONLY

Good from November 10th to November 16th on all games - not just PS4 games!
Good from November 10th to November 16th on all games – not just PS4 games! Originally posted on Reddit and then CAG.

Right now there is a buy two games, get a third deal going at Target. This applies to ALL games – including PS4 titles. Since Sony has removed the street dates for all launch titles it should be possible for you to go into your local Taget and pick up whatever gamesyou want that they have in stock at any time this week. An internal memo went out telling stores that they should sell games as soon as they get them if customers  ask but not all stores a going by that memo. So it may be safer to just wait until Tuesday to see what they have in stock.

The deal will go live when you check out. So instead of paying approx. $180 for three games you’ll be paying $120 per game. Each game will have a return value of $40 so if you only want two games you could always return the third and keep your discount on the other two!

User Lucian on CheapAssGamers posted this useful list of games to you can check to see if your store even has them before venturing forth. It’s not an all exhaustive list so if there’s a game you’re interested in – and it doesn’t have to be a PS4 game since all games are included in both promotions – just take the first part of the web address as listed below but after the dash use the online item number for whatever game you’re interested in.

Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag:
Battlefield 4:
Call of Duty Ghosts:
FIFA 14:
Killzone Shadow Fall:
NBA 2K14:
Need for Speed Rivals:
Lego Marvel:

There is an online B2G1 promotion going right now, too, but PS4 games are not included. Only a limited number of games are. Though, for some reason, some Xbox One pre-orders are included so… I don’t know. It’s a mess. You might find some none PS4 games you want on there, though, so it’s worth a look.

2. 30% Off Two Games Coupons

This is a super blurry image but basically you give them this coupon and you get 30% off two games. It's good until December 30th. And it DOES stack with the B2G1 deal so far.
This is a super blurry image but basically you give them this coupon and you get 30% off two games. It’s good until December 30th.

All right, so, here’s the other way to get your games on the cheap. Unlike the B2G1 deal, this deal lasts for another seven weeks. At the front registers when you buy a video game related item you have the chance of receiving one of these 30% off two games coupons from their coupon printers. From what I can establish, they print out once every four transactions. I bought six Call of Duty: Ghosts koozies for $0.01 each in separate transactions and the coupons printed on the second and sixth koozies. That’s the best way to get the coupons – grab the koozies or grab a bunch of $1 reservation cards and check out with each one of them individually. Once you have the coupons you can return the reservation cards at customer service for a full refund.

These coupons are great because if your Target doesn’t have games in stock during the B2G1 deal you can save them and wait until the games are back in stock. They are good until December 30th (usually – the date is printed on the coupon) so you can take your time. With these coupons you can still get them almost as cheap as you would with the B2G1 deal. It just turns out to be that you get them for $42 each before taxes instead of $40. And let’s be real. For a launch title the week of launch, $42 is an absolute steal.

Even better, these coupons stack with the B2G1 deal so far. They require a manual override to work with the PS4 games because their SKUs aren’t tied to the B2G1 deal in the system yet and won’t be until Tuesday. No override is needed for non-PS4 games as the discount is automatically taken off the B2G1 price. It is highly contingent on your on duty floor manager as to whether or not they will give you the override, though. As of Tuesday, Nov. 12th it looks like the two offers stack automatically without a manager override at a lot of locations. Your store may still need one, though, so be aware. But if you can get it to stack with the PS4 games you’re looking at getting three games for about $28 each. Crazy!

And, if you’re an Xbox One early adopter and not looking for PS4 launch titles, these coupons will work on your Xbox One games next week! So you too can get launch day games for $42 each instead of paying full price.


Target really set the stage for awesome deals but there are few other deals out there that you can take advantage of if you don’t have a Target nearby or your Target runs low on stock. Toys R Us is doing a buy three, get a $50 gift card promotion on PS4 launch titles. Meanwhile Amazon will be matching Target’s B2G1 deal for PS4 launch titles only on Tuesday for just a few hours. You’ll need to be online from 9 AM to 1 PM PST or you’ll mis out. And, if you pre-ordered a PS4 launch title from them previously you should be getting a B1G1 code in your email. If you ordered more than one launch title you should be getting a free game code! Lastly, Best Buy is offering a $25 gift card when you buy three PS4 launch titles.

Know of any other deal? List them on the comments!

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