Iconica is a tabletop game that mixes art with cards. We discovered this little gem at Phoenix Comic Con this past summer and have been fascinated by the game ever since. Created by Phoenix native Eric Torres, it is a beautiful game created in the mythical world of Rynaga. The game can be a two-player game, or a four-player game, with each player using a set of character cards. A combination between a game of luck and strategy the game is rich in content and perfect for avid gamers and beginners.

Created in 2009, this indie game was written and designed by Torres itself. And man, is it gorgeous. Not only are the cards individually a work of art, but the game is challenging and the world building is fantastic. Beginning from the mind of a 15-year-old, the game has since bloomed into a massive world. Currently, the game is still operating on a small scale, but gaining steam ahead. The game has been featured on Wired and Rynaga, to mention a few.

source: beastsofwar.com
source: http://humanrightsfilmnetwork.org/celebrex beastsofwar.com

In addition to the Lore, the game itself is exciting. There are endless ways to play the game, and one game is never the same as another. Visually, the art is minimal, compiled together by eight different shapes that puzzle the world into a technicolor dream. To check out first hand what the game brings, check out their official site, their blog, and peek into the Etsy shop (and see if you can leave without buying something). Any Phoenix dwellers are welcome to check out their monthly game night at Samurai Comics downtown can check out their Facebook page. I’ve personally gone, and it’s awesome fun!

At Nerdophiles, we will be highlighting this game this week. Split into daily posts, we’ll be looking into the multiple facets of the world of Rynaga; from the Iconica game, to the books, to the lore. We’ve even got a couple interviews with Eric Torres! If you haven’t had a chance to look at this wonderful game, this is your chance. Keep a look out for our next article tomorrow!

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