If you head to your local Petco on Sunday (Sept. 1st) and make any in-store purchase you can get a FREE pair of Yoda ears for your dog or cat! Only while supplies last so get their early.


Ewok Tie Fighter Teaser-Cat

I can’t even begin to express just how in love with this idea I am right now. Star Wars has been my favorite movie – and pretty much series, too – ever since I was in the third grade. And I’ve basically been obsessed with animals for even longer. Growing up, my dad never let us get clothes for our pets and we generally just had whatever generic toys we could get at Walmart or Petsmart. Not that we had stuff as cool as this back then but even if we had there was no chance he was going to budge on that.JabaTheHut Toy and leash-Dog

Oh, but, Dad?

I am an adult now and I can waste as much money as I want dressing up my cats as Princess Leia and getting them little Millennium Falcon toys on strings and Darth Vader mice. I’m going to buy them little Star Wars formal ties and stuffed Bobba Fetts and Jabba the Hutts to play with. Oh, and the little Star Wars collars with the bells, obviously. My cats – Sheldon and Loki – don’t wear collars now but they will.

They will.star-wars-petco-pet-fan-collection-5

In case you were wondering, yes, these are all real items that are coming to Petco starting on September 1st, 2013 with the launch of their Star Wars Pet Fans Collection. In just about one week you can force your nerdiness upon your beloved pets in the most awesome way possible.

I mean, seriously. I’m totally nerding out over this stuff. My cats are going to have ALL the cat toys and plushies. Probably more for my benefit than theirs.

Yay, Frankie!
Yay, Frankie!

Though the line officially launches on September 1st, some people have already gotten a chance to check out some of the awesome stuff that Petco has to offer. Anyone who came by the Petco booth at San Diego Comic Con this year could see some of the items that will be on sale come September. They also got some pretty sweet free Yoda ears for dogs. (Though I definitely saw a lot of teenage girls wearing them than dogs!)

Jane got one for her dog, Frankie, while we were there. He wasn’t entirely thrilled. Not that you can tell from the picture she posted on Facebook.

There is a lot of cute, nerdy stuff in this collection. As my title implies, I’m glad to see not just the items themselves but the diversity of items offered. Dogs usually get all the cool media stuff (see: Petsmart’s lame Marvel dog t-shirts) and the cats get shafted. I have cats. I know. I’m kind of a cat lady. Whatever. I’ve accepted this. I’m always sad that I can never find cool stuff for them.Petco_CheMo_x_Sm_2152

But Petco has come through for us!

Their Star Wars toys, clothes, beds, accessories, and more are geared towards both dogs and cats. And the variety extends even further. I think it is really cool that the stuffed animals and toys in particular come in several different versions. You can get plush characters, longer plush characters with squeakers inside, crinkly characters, softies… Whatever your dog – or cat! – likes you can get most of your favorite characters in that particular style.

Because either way the dog will be happy but you know you want a Stormtrooper more than you want C-3PO.

Let’s just be real here.

Toys and clothes are just the beginning. They also have pet beds and other items. I assume that if the line sells well that they will add more items as time goes on.

If you want to get a look at all these items yourself, Petco has a number of parties that they are holding at cities all over the country.

May the Force Be With You at Star Wars™ Pet-Friendly Party
Petco celebrates the launch of its Star Wars Pet Fans Collection with pet party at the West Hollywood Petco

To celebrate the upcoming launch of the Star Wars Pet Fans Collection, available only at Petco, the West Hollywood Petco is hosting a local, pet-friendly party on August 31, 2013. At this exciting launch event pet parents and their animals can participate in the Star Wars Photo Experience, enjoy complimentary treats and meet some of their favorite Star Wars characters like Darth Vader and Chewbacca.

Saturday, August 31, 2013
12 p.m. – 4 p.m.

West Hollywood
508 North Doheny Dr.
West Hollywood, CA 90048

Not going to be in West Hollywood? There are also parties to be held in NYC; Los Angeles; San Francisco; Orlando; Allen, TX; San Diego, and Chicago.

If all else fails, check out your local Petco on September 1st and pick up all your own nerdy Star Wars needs. Keep an eye here, too, because I am sure I’ll be sharing pictures of Sheldon and Loki all Star Wars’ed out sooner than later.

They are going to hate me forever.


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