The episode begins with Deputy Tara Graham walking through the halls of Beacon Hills High School. This can’t possibly end well; not with the number of attacks and murders that happen in this school after hours. So we hold our breaths as the ominous music starts playing and we see a body get dragged away.

“Don’t follow it!” we yell at our screens. But, of course, she does.

And what does she get by not listening to us? She gets murdered and the audience gets another glimpse at the hideous face of the Darach.

The next day the Sheriff Stilinski is at the school of course whatever busy he’s doing is cut short due to a snooping Stilinski Junior. We get an emotional scene whereby Sheriff swears vengeance for his college and Siles remembers when he was a little’un and Tara used to help him with his math homework. It’s great we get more backstory, fleshes out characters and shows the audience tthat this stuff is real, it’s not only strangers getting killed but friends. Stakes are getting higher and life in Beacon Hills is getting tenser.

Well it’s a good thing we have badass Allison Argent ready to save the day. Slow-mo shots off her throwing off her duvet after successfully deceiving her father into letting her take the day off and preparing for action. She gets a little side-tracked by Isaac, who’s lurking near her windowsill (learn that from Derek, did you?), but she quickly puts him in his place. Yeah it’s sweet that you’re looking out for her, hon, but as she’s said many times she can look after herself.

Come on you two, there are people dying, put away your smouldering looks!
Come on you two, there are people dying, put away your smouldering looks!

Back to the characters who actually still attend school. Lydia is used as a decoy to distract the violent Aiden so that Stiles and Scott can talk to the less volatile Alpha twins Ethan. Scott swiftly defuses what could have been a bloody situation between Ethan and Stiles (and can someone please pay attention to this guy’s level of stress, it looks as if he’s about to blow at any second) and tries to figure out whether or not the Darach was the druid of one of the members of the Alpha Pack. Information is getting shared, when, bam, Cora Hale enters the stage.

She and Aiden fight but it’s not long before Aiden gets the upperhand. She’d probably be dead if it wasn’t for Ethan and Scott forcibly stopping him.

Back to Allison and Isaac. Isaac helps provide a new perspective of things and they both discover the celtic symbol hidden underneath the map of Beacon Hills. We discover that there are 5 types of people who are used in the sacrifice, after virgins, warriors and healers there are guardians and philosophers.

Back at school Cora’s licking her wounds but still has enough bite in her to lash out at Scott, Stiles and Lydia. She did what she did for Boyd, she yells, no one else was doing anything. Too right, Cora, I got your back. Nevertheless Stiles ops to make sure she gets back home.

Another Hale visits the school too, fortunately it isn’t Peter. Derek and Jennifer share a romantic embrace, holding each other close as they touch foreheads and talk. It’s nice, it’s sweet, and it’s really not the right time for it. Guys, you’re still at school Derek doesn’t even go here anymore. How hasn’t anyone called the police about the number of times this guy’s loitering around the school?

From romance to tension. Allison warns Stiles that the next sacrifice could be his very own papa since the sacrifices seem to be guardians. Switch to the next scene where we get a stand-off between Scott and Ms Morell in which they gossip about Deucalion and what a creepy obsessive he is. Either he gets a true alpha in his back or he destroys the potential. What a jerk. But the tension isn’t over because another teacher gets taken and now it’s Lydia whose stress levels are about to boil.

Human chess, like wizard chess but without any of the fun parts
Human chess, like wizard chess but without any of the fun parts

Allison and Isaac work together to figure out where the history teach could be sacrificed cementing the deal that these two could be one awesome power couple. In the Stilinski household on the other hand, the Sheriff is nonplussed about the news of the supernatural Stiles is trying to teach him through chess. Plan B doesn’t work to well either as Cora faints before she can wolf-out.

Allison and Isaac’s plan doesn’t work out that well either. Their suspicions that Chris is the one behind the sacrifices falls flat as they discover that he’s been secretly hunting the Darach too. Oh you Argents, you guys just can’t keep your noses out of the supernatural business.

There’s a scene at the hospital which I just don’t want to talk about between the Sheriff and Stiles where the words “mum would have believed me” are brought up but like I said I don’t want to talk about it (sobbing). So let’s focus on the next scene where we get a really sweet interaction between Ethan and Danny, and then Scott and Lydia whereby relationships are strengthened.

Pain follows Hales like a bad smell. That smell is death
Pain follows Hales like a bad smell. That smell is death

But this is Teen Wolf so it isn’t long before we get more pain. Hale pain that is. Derek’s by Cora’s hospital bed and we finally get something of an emotional scene between these two. Don’t worry Jeff, it’s only like 5 episodes late. In typical Derek fashion he hasn’t got a clue about what’s going on, but I think we’d all suffer from server shock or something if that wasn’t the case.

Back at the High School or misfortune the music recital takes a dark turn. Bur Jennifer Blake takes an even darker turn as it is revealed she’s the Darach!!! Surprise mofos that sweet flower is actually a snake underneath. And this

She gets Lydia alone, ready to kill her for knowing way too much. But Jennifer is obviously a teacher before anything else because she can’t help but inform Lydia of being a Banshee (congratulations fandom you guessed it).

More property damage to add to the school’s bills.
More property damage to add to the school’s bills.

The last few moments of the episode is then fills the audience with terror as the Sheriff’s life is put in danger by the Darach as he tries to stop it. Scott and Stiles arrive too late on the scene to stop the Darach from leaving with the Sheriff.

Fans have to wait until next Monday to find out the fate of the Sheriff and what the Darach has in store for our heroes.

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