Yesterday across the pond, it seems that more Brits tuned in to BBC One to catch the newest Doctor Who trailer than to watch the World Cup final. But whatever the case, I am happy to say that we finally have a full-length Doctor Who series 8 trailer, and a glimpse at what the new season and Capaldi’s Doctor might have in store.


The trailer suggests that this new era of Doctor Who might take a very serious tone, or at least, one darker than that of the lighthearted and playful Matt Smith. Daleks, Cybermen, and an alien cyborg baddie who bears a striking resemblance to a certain Mass Effect character are just a few of the troubles that the Doctor and companion Clara will be facing this season. Also: dinosaurs in London? And more Vastra? Yes, please. I just hope that Moffat doesn’t run with this like he’s done the past season or two and make the storyline too convoluted to understand (pro tip: plot twists don’t work if the reasons for them don’t make any logical sense). But hey, at least the special effects look great.

Garrus, is that you??
Garrus, is that you?

Capaldi’s Doctor, complete with Scottish accent, sports Doc Martens, a fitted coat, and looks delightfully sexy and badass (using David Bowie as inspiration probably doesn’t hurt). He seems to be a darker, more troubled Doctor, and rightfully should be, considering all he’s been through last season. The trailer doesn’t give us many hints as to how the chemistry between the Doctor and Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) will play out, but time will tell.

"Clara tell me, am I a good man?"
“Clara tell me, am I a good man?”

The newest series of Doctor Who premieres on BBC One and BBC America on Saturday, August 23 8/7c.

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Will Capaldi live up to the hype? Or will this season fall victim to Moffat sabotage? Tell us what you think below!

And to think that people were worried that an older Doctor wouldn't win the hearts of the ladies.
And to think that people were worried that an older Doctor wouldn’t win the hearts of the ladies.


4 thoughts on “Doctor Who Trailer Steals Spotlight from World Cup”

  1. I’m one of those Brits who grew up watching old Who, and a huge fan of Capaldi, so I’m pretty excited. The dark tone is a little worrying – I enjoy the show most when it balances darkness and humour – but hopefully that’ll show up when they have more than sixty seconds. And that’s another impressive array of baddies.

  2. I started Doctor Who with Christopher Eccleston, then David Tennant. Therefore, to me, the Doctor is young, energetic and attractive. I am sorry to say that Capaldi veers away from that mold. I did not like Matt Smith either, but I loved Amy Pond, Rory and Clara. Please don’t argue with me. Attraction is personal.

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