The Syfy channel is producing two fantastic original science fiction television shows: Dark Matter and Killjoys. Both premiered at the same time  last year and have accompanied each other on Friday nights. Genuine original and unique science fiction shows are a rare commodity these days, but both these shows have far surpassed my expectations and continue to amaze me with the plot twists, acting, and science fiction elements.

For those new to the show, Dark Matter revolves around the crew of a space ship, the Raza, who wake one day with no memory of who they are or what has recently happened. The six individuals are left to figure out how they came to be on the ship, face various problems and enemies as they arise, and figure out who they can trust.

Now in its second season, our favorite Dark Matter characters have a better understanding of who they were before they lost their memory but must deal with the fallout of a certain character’s death and someone’s vendetta to kill them all.

We had the opportunity to sit down with the cast of Dark Matter at San Diego Comic Con and I must say, the conversations were some of my most memorable at the convention this year. In attendance were Melissa O’Neil (Two), Anthony Lemke (Three), Alex Mallari Jr. (Four), Jodelle Ferland (Five), Melanie Liburd (Nyx Harper), and Jay Firestone (Executive Producer).

After some casual conversation and character comparison to The Secret Life of Pets, Anthony Lemke and Melissa O’Neil got serious with us and discussed their characters on the show and what we may see soon in the new season. O’Neil hopes to be able to explore more of who Portia Lin is if the show is picked up for a third season, as she thinks Two is very “gross” or “sensual” according to Lemke and has so much potential.

Last season we saw the crew of the Raza against the world and now the crew have picked up several new allies, or potential hidden enemies, who O’Neill says will undoubtedly change the entire dynamic of the crew. Thankfully, Lemke’s character Three is one of the best comedic reliefs of the show and surprisingly is one of the most loyal despite being a trigger-happy badass.

As a woman of color, O’Neill was happy to discuss Syfy’s conductivity to using more non-stereotypical material and that there may be more opportunities for women of diverse backgrounds to play these incredibly diverse and unique characters on Syfy.

When asked about what upcoming scene the two are most looking forward to, O’Neill eagerly described an intense fight scene from later in the season and a Nyx moment. When talk of the relationship “Twix,” between Two and Nyx came up, O’Neill believes that there’s “lots of room for that relationship to grow” OR they’re open to doing table readings of fan fiction. Now that’s dedication to their fanbase.

I’m just going to say this now. Jodelle Ferland is absolutely adorable. The 21-year old talented actress has such an affable personality and is even a fan girl herself, as she discussed meeting John Barrowman at London Comic Con with us.

Ferland enthusiastically walked us through the writer’s plan behind Five’s “kill them all” moment in the second episode of this season and her handling of the extremely heavy and big gun, Bubba.

Mallari Jr. eagerly talked about his love of playing Four’s former alter ego, Ryo, and how he stepped into the role as an actor. When asked if we will see more sword fighting, Mallari quickly responded with a yes but thinks Four has realized the efficiency of a gun. Don’t bring a sword to a gunfight.

Melanie Liburd, who plays newcomer to the show Nyx, discussed the dynamic between her character and the crew of the Raza. Nyz, having had power in prison, now has very little privilege and position in the crew.

Liburd also discussed of the potential “Twix” relationship and added that what’s been unique is how the two characters have found a respect for one another.

Executive producer Jay Firestone joked that the writers had decided that a character had to go so they could introduce another. Firestone says that the Raza crew had learned how good the team were together in season one and that the role of the new character, Nyx, was to see whether or not the main group would allow someone else in, essentially testing them. On top of Nyx, Firestone added that Devon and Arax are not there to test the crew like Nyx but are there to serve a purpose and role.

I had to pry further for details behind the decision of One’s death, which was one of the most shocking deaths I’ve seen on television recently. As the stereotypical somewhat naïve white man, fans did not expect writers to axe him. Firestone says that the Syfy executive loved his decision and the turn of surprising events when he told them.

One was such a sweet and nice character and Firestone knew he had to go, considering he had somewhat served his purpose and left the crew. However, Firestone adds that Marc Benadavid, who played One, can still potentially return as his former alter ego, Jace Corso, who was the one to dramatically kill One.

Don’t miss all new episodes of Dark Matter on Friday nights on Syfy!

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