We’re not really sure what the fluffy little protagonist of the game Badland is but I’m pretty sure it’s adorable. A combination between Limbo and Tiny Wings, this game will keep your attention and your interest. The dark little bird-like protagonist flaps his way through a silhouette of a background, avoiding razor sharp gyres and exploding mines, making and saving clones along the way.

The game was recently free on the Apple App Store for their 5 year anniversary along with several other apps and games, so like many people I proceeded to download all of them to test them out. Badland stood out among the games. Visually, it is a marvel. The fantastical background glow with technicolor and are set in stark contrast to the winding gears and obstacles set in flat black.

Multi-player games bring out a competitive edge in gamers.
Multi-player games bring out a competitive edge in gamers.

The gameplay is simple, a side scrolling adventure that leads you through level by level of increasingly difficult terrain for the little flying hero to encounter. A one-touch control game, it is easy to learn and quickly addicting. Coming with an awesome multi-player that is basically a free for all race, the game is not only visually appealing and fun for a single player, but also great to play with friends (or opponents).

Designed by two Finnish game designers who make up Frogmind, the creative team behind the game. Both Johannes Vuorinen and Juhana Myllys are industry veterans who created Frogmind in 2012. The two man team have ventured to create games with seemingly high production value but still independent. Badland proves to be a success in my book, and I will be looking forward to the next game designed by Frogmind.

Sometimes only one of the clones survive...
Sometimes only one of the clones survive…

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