So I’m about to hit you with a new style of recaps, also a very late recap. (Like 11 days late,  I’m sorry).

I must be the latest ever on this, but I just got back from vacation and been playing through Sleeping Dogs so I’ve neglected my duties. However, given the rather anti-climactic ending to the third season of Game of Thrones, I’ve been inclined to play Sleeping Dogs instead. My bad. Anyways, despite anti-climactic ends, I had a lot of feelings about this show.

The absolute worst part for me in that episode was the mounting of Grey Wind’s head on Robb’s body. Reading that in the text was enough to make me literally queasy and very sad, seeing it and then seeing Arya’s tearful eyes was enough to break me into little pieces. In many ways I was expecting the wolf’s head, as it had been mentioned around Reddit days before the episode launched, but seeing Arya was what had me in a puddle all over again. It just made her murder of the Frey man that more awesome. And also hilarious because of how uncontrollable she is to the Hound.

It will always be too soon for this. (princeofpan@tumblr)

The obligatory slap in the face that Joffrey seems to get every season was brought to you verbally by Tywin. Seriously, there were just connections all over the place with this episode. A king who has to say he’s king isn’t one? Well isn’t that the story of the entire saga? While we’re at connections, what about Bran referencing the story of the white rat, about it being an unforgivable sin against the gods to kill a guest beneath one’s roof, and then cutting straight to Walder Frey boasting his “victory”.

A scene that I was also not looking forward to, but somehow kind of was, was the whole Reek scene. I have to be honest, I’m kind of looking forward to seeing Theon’s transformation into Reek. I mean, it’s going to be bloody and scary, but I love that so I AWAIT MORE. I’m also super excited for Yara’s return, especially her standing up to her father who seems to be the pushover of the century. Kill my sons? Damn it. Take my last son? Ok. Flay him alive? Sure. Thank gods, Yara has the balls necessary.

It’s a rather large club, Theon. Don’t worry. (tyrions-landing@tumblr)

Another prize moment was Bran and company meeting up with Sam and Gilly. Every time they have these close encounters, I flip the hell out. I can’t handle it, especially not when Sam mentioned Ghost. I often lament the fact that the Starks will never be a whole family again, and these moments are like little gems for me. It was kind of great that Sam got to send off Bran, like Jon was with him in spirit.

Too bad he couldn’t get back in time, because Jon just missed another half sibling. His stare down with Ygritte is like making up for the lack of Robb in the episode, and it couldn’t have been more dramatic. I love the relationship that Jon and Ygritte have together, and I have always loved that Ygritte is as strong woman who doesn’t let words like “I love you”, change her into a completely different person. I sound really harsh, and they are strong words, but she stays true to character.

At Dragonstone, we have some more feelings served up in the form of a literate Davos and a freed Gendry. I loved the crows being sent out and Davos being able to read the words that would save him from otherwise being executed. I’m also glad Melisandre is taking the White Walkers seriously, god knows no one else seems to be.

The truth of Dragonstone in one gif. (unknown source, reddit)

Then again, the South has other things to worry about. Like a psychotic boy king and the return of his uncle/father, Jaime Lannister. Seriously, I hate Cersei and Jaime together, but even I was screaming at their reunion scene. Probably because I know what is to come. I know. Bahahahahahahaa.

Anyways, the final scene, I have to say, was kind of a killer for me. Like not killer in a good way, but killer as in killed the mood. I’m not even going to talk about the whole white savior stuff that people keep foisting on this scene, because that could be a whole post on it’s own. Where I was having feelings all over the place, the sense of “hope” in the final moment was a little lackluster given how horrid the previous episode was. Seriously, writers? You thought that Dany crowd surfing through some people calling her mother would make me see hope again? You killed another Stark! Don’t think I forgot that! Dragons can’t mend that wound.

Also, can I say, points to Hodor for having the funniest scene as well as the most notorious name in the North.

House Hodor’s saying, translated from “Hodor Hodor Hodor”.

So, we have another year, and until then I’ll be reading the series. Every time I come to Starks mentioning each other, you can bet your hat I’ll be sobbing. Until next Spring, valar morghulis.

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