Sometimes I wonder why I watch The Vampire Diaries. Let’s be honest, the writing isn’t the best at times, the acting needs improvement, and the story lines are convoluted. But then episodes like “Graduation” happen and I remember all over again why I love this show.

So let me just say, this was very much a character building finale. There was little outer drama. The hunters, the witches, Kol, they were all distractions or catalysts for the actual story. This episode had so many things that I’m going to have to tackle them one at a time.

I loved their graduation. I’m glad that we got a moment to see Caroline, Bonnie, Matt, and Elena walk on stage and get their diplomas and complete their high school careers. The saddest part was seeing Bonnie with her father one last time, before she has to bring the veil back up at the full moon. It was a sweet and untainted moment. It was also the last graduation Stefan would hopefully ever attend. He can go on living his life, or finally get a to live a life. Well… kind of. But more on that later.

It was awesome to see Elena with Jeremy and Alaric again. I forgot how much I loved Alaric until recently. They were instrumental in helping her recover, and Elena is back to normal. Now that she’s got a clear head, she doesn’t need the cure. So it passes around this episode like a game of musical chairs, and I wonder who it’s going to end up with. Surprise surprise, it ends up in Katherine’s mouth. She’s human again.

I’m excited for this. For Katherine, all powerful and annoying, to be human again and get everything she deserves from life. But also for her to just go away. It’s a tired storyline, in my opinion.

You know what’s also a tired storyline that they managed to wrap up? The love triangle. Sure, Elena was the one for Stefan. But in her infinitesimal knowledge, Lexi tells Stefan there are multiple ones, and he’ll find his. So Stefan leaves Mystic Falls on a high note, able to live with the fact that Elena has chosen Damon. Damon finally got the girl.

This was also a good episode for our favorite Originals, Rebekah and Klaus. I was disappointed when Klaus showed his fast a couple episodes back and it ended up just being Silas. When he saves the group from the witches, it’s an awesome moment. Also, he didn’t hesitate in giving Damon some of his blood for the werewolf cure, and he released Tyler. My little boy’s growing up!

He and Rebekah both made steps forward in their lives. Rebekah, taking Matt with her to go travel the world, finally getting someone she can be happy with. I like Rebekah, and I always feel bad for her for getting the short end of the stick. Matt is a good guy. He could use some cultural knowledge, and she could use a friend/boyfriend. Klaus’s letting go of Tyler was a pretty mature step. I mean for a guy who literally holds the worst grudges in the world, this was impressive. He is patiently waiting for Caroline, and I love him for it.

Sad news for Bonnie though. She’s dead. I wanted this to happen like two seasons ago, but it’s finally come around. Honestly, Jeremy is back, and her sacrifice didn’t go in vain. Too bad it seems like the other side is all punishment for the bad things people do, aka all of the bad things that Bonnie did in the name of her friends. I’m glad Jeremy is back, and I ‘m glad Bonnie died on good terms. Whether or not they will resurrect her is another story.

The final scenes of Stefan with Lexi and Damon with Alaric are the best. These two unstable brothers need their stable best friends. I was absolutely in shambles when the veil went back up and they were gone. Alaric had one of the best scenes with Damon, all of them were gems, same goes for Stefan and Lexi. We even get to see Stefan cut a little loose and get a little drunk with her. It’s perfection and nothing can top it.

Unfortunately for Bonnie’s death, it means that Silas is no longer solid stone. He’s brought back in a tangible form, as a doppelganger. More specifically, as Stefan’s doppelganger. Why it’s Stefan, I have no clue. It could have literally been anyone else. He locks Stefan up in the box they were going to leave Silas in and tosses him off a cliff and into water. Good thing: he’s a vampire, he can’t die. Bad thing: continuous drowning sounds way worse than death. And since he was leaving town, god knows when they’ll find him.

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