I have some suspicions as to why this show is such an addicting watch. I think it’s easy for people to watch, since all of Season 1 can be found on Netflix, but I also think it’s got one of the most interesting stories to date. I absolutely love the storyline and the characters.

The show follows the stories of a group of political rebels named Liber8 and a cop who time travel from 2077 to 2012. A gorgeous Rachel Nichols plays the Protector Kiera Cameron who accidentally is thrown into the time jump with Liber8, in what was suppose to be a 6 year jump backwards, not a 60 year. The story weaves intricate storylines between characters, their ancestors, their pasts, and their futures. The subject of time travel and paradoxes is heavily touched on, however the actual effects of the time jump is not yet known.

So one of the biggest reasons I love this show is how much effort seems to have been put into the story. From the meeting of the young Alec Sadler, a soon to be super genius that creates all the technology that will be used into the future, propelling the corporations forward into ruling the world, to Kiera’s “accidental” involvement with the time jump. I love the parallels that are drawn between our own world and the world of the future, the heavy use of the butterfly effect along with the flexibility of the time continuum.

The most interesting character is, of course, Alec Sadler. Raised on a farm with his mother and stepfather, he was raised around anti-corporation beliefs. So how did he become the major contributor to the cause that benefits these corporations? I also wonder where he gets all the money for the tech that he comes across, but that is a different question all together. Anyways, his story seems to be instrumental in how all the events of the story end up taking place. He is Theseus. The slow reveal of his own story reveals to everyone else the events of the past and the future.

The tech is great in the show. Kiera shows off her skills with cerebral cortex implants and optical implants that allow her to become an expert detective. But at the same time, she is learning more about being a cop, relying on her instincts from her partner Carlos, and working without her gear. The best part about her upgrades seem to be that they are so powerful. She is able to record up to 36 hours during investigations, she has a constant link to Alec, she is able to scan bodies and environments for clues and life stats, she can taze someone with her sleeve, and she can even go invisible. Undoubtedly, the best vision of the future.

Liber8 is also a highly interesting group. While several members of the group seem to be antagonistic, the group itself is raised on an idea that is pure. It is something one can even root for. After an episode like “Playtime” that allowed us to look into just how manipulative tech could be in the future, and a look that corporations keeping stores of food from people in a flashback, it’s hard to see them as solely a victim.

Ultimately, Continuum feels relatable. People protesting against giant corporations, bail outs for CEOs while employees are left to fend for themselves, a growing rise in the power and manipulation of technology, the search for a cure to the energy crisis. It is all put into a setting that is fast paced and keeps you on your toes. The show itself is interesting. Constantly flashing forward to 2077 in Kiera’s memories to recall certain events that have happened that allow the audience to piece the story together themselves.

It’s a compelling show that keeps me guessing. The struggle with time paradox and the fluidity of the interpretation of time is wonderful. It is definitely worth a day of binge watching in my opinion, and further inspection. The current second season is airing, I will be adding it onto my recap list, so keep a look out for my episode recaps!

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