Lost Tribe of the Sith: Spiral
John Jackson Miller
Dark Horse Comics
July 2, 2013
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So I don’t know how many of you guys have e-readers but back when I got mine for the first time they were releasing a series of short novellas and stories called The Lost Tribe of the Sith. I actually never read them. I always meant to go back and download them but for some reason I never did. I suppose it’s because I was never much of a Sith fan. I am a true Jedi warrior through and through. I grew up on the New Jedi Order. I bought every single book with my own money – except Star By Star. Because it took that book like two years to come out in paperback. Sheesh.

Anyway, I’ve meant to get around to it and I never did. So I saw the Lost Tribe of the Sith comic books and I figured, hey! Sounds like a great place to jump into the series. That’s how it’s marketed, anyway.

It actually isn’t a bad place to try getting in on the story.

The basic premise of the whole Lost Tribe of the Jedi series is that thousands of years before A New Hope there was a Sith ship called the Omen that crash landed on a desolate, unknown planet in the far reaches of space. The Sith on board decided to conquer the planet as best they could and established themselves as a group called ‘The Tribe.’ Members of the Tribe were considered the elite in society and those who they disagreed with were cast out as exiles. They had themselves a pretty good thing going.

In the comic book the story revolves around two characters. The first is Spinner, a rebel anarchist Sith whose family was cast out and exiled and enslaved by the leaders of the Tribe. Powerful in his own right, he sticks to the major creeds of the Sith philosophy and wants nothing more than to seize power for himself. The other lead character is Takara. Daughter of the current leader of the Tribe she is not in the line of succession, she has grand plans to conquer and prove her worth before seizing power of the Tribe herself. It’s all very hardcore power grabbing Sith up here. They both stowaway on the same ship in an attempt to get to another land where they intend to take charge. But fate brings them to another destination where a powerful weapon has laid undisturbed and guarded by another faction that has been living on the planet undiscovered since that fateful day the Sith crashed landed. It’s a weapon that should remain dormant but Spinner is looking to unleash it, have his┬ávengeance, and conquer the Tribe by any means necessary. But he doesn’t understand the true nature of this ‘weapon.’

Honestly, I thought this was a pretty cool story. I liked Spinner and Takara as characters for the most part and the world was interesting. The whole idea of stranding Force users who know about the galaxy as a whole but can’t do anything about it is pretty neat. It’s cool to see how the society evolved and how things changed in the Sith philosophies and what not. I mean, what could they do? They are confined to a single planet and though they are all about power and conquering what not there really isn’t anything to conquer after a while. I mean, after a while if you have a society built around those tenants and only those tenants you’re going to have a lot of problems.

So the different perspectives on the Force were nice. I always feel like there should be a whole lot more philosophies surrounding something as powerful as the Force. Instead somehow for tens of thousands of years it’s just the Sith and the Jedi. The plot probably could have been a bit more solid and a bit less random Sith bad guy resurrection but hey. I liked the end. It was cute.

Final verdict: pretty solid Star Wars comic. I mean, you have to be a Star Wars fan to enjoy it and you’ve probably got to be an extended universe fan to boot. Who enjoys the thousand of years of timeline that come before the original trilogy. If you’re that sort of fan then you’ll probably enjoy this one. You’ve got a little bit of a wait though. It comes out at the beginning of July.

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