Can we just talk about how when I start this show, I am sweating in fear? It’s a fictional story, AND I SWEAT. Well, you guys know I’m just a person with a lot of feelings, but this is just crazy.

So, the episode starts off no long after the end of last week’s. Parker is still missing and the team has no idea where she is. Finally she calls into them, but somehow they aren’t able to triangulate their her call because they’re bouncing the cell off of different signals. Mike and Ryan end up just looking for places that she could be based on her own information, but it looks grim. While they investigate different locations, Mike almost gets shot by a sniper. Thankfully they catch the guy, and recognize him as Alex, the ring leader in the massacre and the capture of Parker.

Taking no chances and being done with this shit, Ryan takes Alex and along with Mike drives to an abandoned warehouse and basically go on to torture the crap out of this guy. Seriously, Ryan like, gouges out one of his eyes. Finally Alex reveals the location, and Mike and Ryan drive out there. On the way they talk to Parker, who is on her last breaths. She tells Ryan not to feel guilty and that her death is not his fault, and asks him to tell her family that she loves them.

By the time Mike and Ryan make it to her grave and dig her out, she’s already died. Objectively, it had to happen. Someone had to die, and I’m not surprised it was her. Of course, this just sets Ryan over the edge and with Alex there, it’s just all too much. He grabs his gun and shoots Alex point blank. Awesome. We’ll have to deal with that problem next season. Beneath Parker’s body is the manuscript to Joe’s book. It details the exact event of Parker’s death, and details where Ryan is to go next.

He goes to the location alone and Emma meets him there, he’s drugged and the next thing he knows he’s awake in a house by the sea. Get it? Annabel Lee, lovers by the sea? I see the motifs, Joe. I also see the predictability, sorry. Anyways, Joe has just spent the day waiting for Ryan to get there, waiting with Claire, so that he can complete his final chapter. He accuses that Claire fell in love with Ryan long before she knew he was a killer, and Ryan fell in love with Claire at first sight, that Ryan followed Claire to find out more about Joe and that Claire turned Joe in. All of this is just mounting up to Joe killing Claire. Ryan freaks, and starts trying to talk him out of it.

Once Joe lowers his guard a little Ryan attacks him, and the two get into a fight that leads to a shack not far from the house. Joe has a gun in hand and fires off two shots. One hits a gas tank, the second sets it ablaze. Ryan gets the better of him and shoves him into the fire, escaping just in time as the shack explodes. So Joe is dead! Or is he? They match dental records and initial DNA samples, but this is the Following. Anything can happen.

Anything, like Molly, sneaking into Ryan’s apartment after Ryan and Claire are finally together, thinking they are safe. She grabs the knife and stabs Ryan in the gut leaving him to bleed out. Claire walks in on it and also gets a knife to the spine. And cut to the credits.

Also I know that kid that walks up in the mask is having a hard time, because those masks are seriously hard to see through. How do I know? I own one! Yup! Well, I leave you with that. And the fact that now Claire and Ryan are dying on the ground. Maybe next season will just be Mike and Emma? Who knows. See you in September.

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