It’s time for prom! Well, like most events in Mystic Falls, it’s not complete without something crazy going down.

I’m not going to lie, I’m getting really really bored with the whole “emotionless” Elena. Like I can’t actually imagine her enjoying herself without emotions. She’s just walking around because no one wants to be with her, and Rebekah is her only real company. Like I understand for her it’s all fun and games, but as a viewer, I’m just getting bored with her attitude. I wish emotionless vampire didn’t equal selfish bitch with an attitude.

But anyways, she and Rebekah are trying to get the cure so that Rebekah can take it and so Elena won’t have to. Meanwhile, Stefan has sworn off Elena, saying he doesn’t want to repeat history and he’ll leave once she’s cured. But of course we all know that’s a steaming pile of lies. The thing with Stefan is that he’s always somehow a steaming pile of lies. At least whenever Damon says things he means it. It was never a secret he had feelings for Elena or Katherine, or that he loved his brother. But Stefan says one thing and then does another.

I don’t know, I’m just really angry at Stefan for no real reason. But Bonnie wakes up out of her mini coma, and realizes that her boyfriend’s dead. She keeps seeing images of Jeremy during the episode which we find out is just Silas playing tricks on her. It seems like he wants her to control her powers, but she doesn’t want him to and it’s getting severely out of control. The good thing is that no matter what Elena tries on her ex-BFF, Bonnie is stronger.

I have to admit, the part of me that hates the new Elena laughed when she was getting her just desserts. Like, just to wipe that smug expression off of Elena’s face was enough for me to appreciate Bonnie again. I have to say though, she might need some intervention soon, because that much power is just like walking around and being a loose cannon all on your own. Well, I guess she can pair up with the apparently incredibly creepy looking Silas.

Speaking of Silas, where as he just can’t live with himself and wants to die, Rebekah wants the cure so that she can live out her life and be a happy human. A lot of the cute scenes in this episode was Rebekah trying her hardest to be human. I have to say, her character is much more enjoyable than the others. Her interactions with Matt was cute and her saving April was a good move on her part. But sadly Silas got the upper hand on her and snagged the cure right from their hands.

For Caroline, this was basically a nightmare of a night. Being Caroline, it wasn’t an actual nightmare. She got her dress poached by Elena, who is just trying to be more annoying. She didn’t get to dance with anyone at the prom, despite going with Matt and Bonnie. But it ends will for her because she comes home to Tyler in her home. They share a last dance together and it’s heart warming. I lost interest in Tyler and Caroline, but I can’t deny that he’s a great guy, so I was glad they got their last dance. Of course, he left the house only to see Klaus and had to actually make a run for it. Hey, at least Klaus gave him a 5 second start.

All-in-all, the episode had it’s high points, but felt stinted. They made a final mention to the centuries long fight between Klaus and Katherine, with her giving him a source to go to Louisiana where he’ll find something that will absolve her of his incessant chase on her. But what it really is is an easy way of leading to the next episode of The Vampire Diaries, where we’ll get a backdoor pilot episode into the Originals spin off tv series.

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