The Originals: Live and Let Die (2×04)

Synopsis: The wolves and the vampires team up in order to save the werewolves’ children from paying the ultimate price by the witches. Meanwhile, Davina seeks help and training from Mikael, and Klaus finally comes face to face with his father.

Rating: ★★★★☆

This week, new alliances are formed and Klaus gets a taste of reality. In a fitting Halloween themed episode, the French Quarter is swarming with the costumed and the drunk. New Orleans is but a city of death, and as Cami so eloquently narrates, New Orleans is simply one big party to avoid the fact that everyone is going to die.

The wolves decide to crash a little get together of Marcel’s. Ordered by Finn, their leader, a new wolf named Aiden, gives Marcel an ultimatum. Leave or die. Marcel asserts that he is breaking no laws by staying far away from the Quarter, but Aiden claims the witches have changed their minds. The wolves really are collared and leashed by the witches. They’re about to find out though that even the moonlight rings aren’t worth the price that the witches demand.

Cami meets with Finn, who is still masquerading as a therapist. He probes Cami for information about her love life and she relinquishes, speaking of Marcel and of Klaus, who got under her skin. She still believes there is goodness in him despite the anger, mistrust, and cruelty. He just doesn’t want to be saved.

Just kiss already. The tension between these two is practically palpable [TV After Dark].
Just kiss already. The tension between these two is practically palpable [TV After Dark].
Elijah and Hayley are back at each other’s throats, giving each other quite a fair amount of sass. It is painfully obvious that the two are both using snide remarks and sass to hide their frustration with their relationship and ultimately their true feelings.

Klaus, attempting to find Davina, finally reaches out to Cami, chiding her to come along with him on his search to reason with Davina. She regretfully accepts, but insists that she is only there to give Klaus the one thing he has never had, someone to hear his side. Over drinks, Klaus unleashes a storm of feelings on her and the two talk about killing Klaus’ father. Cami still has no idea what Klaus is fighting for and insists there is more to life than the pain inflicted on him by his parents. The two of them dance and Cami may finally be showing him the good things in life. I for one, never thought I would see Klaus slow dancing.

It seems practically everyone in town is looking for Davina, including Esther and her sons. However, Davina has managed to block her locator spell. Score one for Davina. Even Kol has lost track of her. Esther demands Kol find her and retrieve the white oak state from her and deliver it to back to Esther.

Do I foresee romantic tension growing here?... [TV After Dark]
Do I foresee romantic tension growing here…? [TV After Dark]
In an attempt to escape from Klaus and whatever other troubles are ailing her, Davina has decided to take a mini vacation in the Bayou. Of course, she’s not alone. She’s brought Mikael along for the trip. Mikael, despite being an ass, offers Davina some serious advice. Magic can only fight half of her battles. She asks that Mikael teach her how to be strong. After Mikael quickly dispatches her, it is obvious that she’s going to need a lot of help if she is ever going to stand a chance physically. Davina has clearly been using her magic as a crutch for far too long. In her frustration and pain, she texts Kol, still believing he is Caleb and invites him out there to help her. Man, Kol is very charming and convincing as Caleb.

While Davina sleeps unaware, Kol snoops and discovers the white oak stake. Before he can take it, Mikael intervenes and threatens to kill him. Kol offers to help turn the bracelet controlling him off and the two come to an agreement.

[TV After Dark]
[TV After Dark]
Meanwhile, Marcel and his band of merry vampires debate over how to defend themselves from the wolves. Elijah whisks in, there to save the day. He helps train Gia, but Gia is apprehensive about making the final kill. When Elijah and Gia get a little too close during their little training session, Hayley just happens to waltz in. Bad timing little wolf.

Of course Hayley has also brought a guest: none other than Aiden, the wolf who first threatened Marcel earlier. It seems even he is unhappy with taking the witches’ orders, despite his threats to Marcel and his family. Apparently the witches, in an attempt to kill any opposition and weed out traitors, plan to force the werewolf children to make a kill during the blood moon, therefore unleashing the monster within. Aiden, refuses to send the children, including his brother, to war. Their message is clear: join or pay the ultimate price.

The only one with a sensible dose of humanity left. [TV After Dark]
The only one with a sensible dose of humanity left. [TV After Dark]
Marcel and Elijah don’t need much convincing and they all come up with a plan to rescue the werewolf children from Finn’s clutches. Under the guise of Halloween celebrations, they exact their plan and successfully shuttle the kids away from harm’s way. Oliver and Elijah are left to face down the remaining wolves. The other wolves claim that Esther doesn’t even want the children and wants Elijah instead. Elijah and Oliver quickly create a bloodbath, but Elijah is then attacked by both Finn and Esther.

Klaus finally manages to track down Cami in her getaway cottage. Davina and Caleb/Kol attempt to use a spell to disguise themselves, but Klaus sees through it. When Davina is knocked unconscious, Kol destroys the bracelet binding Mikael to Davina. Mikael, now free, emerges to face Klaus. The two have a raging showdown and Mikael stakes Klaus with the white oak stake but not before Klaus manages to stake Mikael in the heart, incapacitating him. Faced with the daunting challenge of whether or not to finish his father, he chooses to instead keep him alive but subdued.

Back at Marcel’s flat, Gia is concerned that they left Elijah out there alone but Hayley believes he is capable of taking care of himself. I guess Hayley hasn’t realized the lengths Esther will go to see her plans fulfilled. In Esther’s lair, Elijah hangs helplessly chained and imprisoned. Esther claims Elijah must be purified in order for them to become a family once more. No doubt that is going to hurt as seen in glimpses in next week’s preview.


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