Detective Sakelik has something to protect, and the people in Jeff’s life will suffer at her hands if he and Skye don’t stop looking for answers.

Nate is still missing, and now Jeff has to say goodbye to Bert, who was not only his boss, but his mentor and family. Sakelik has the nerve to show up at Bert’s wake and “assure” Jeff that she is investigating the “home invasion gone wrong” that ended Bert’s life, though Jeff knows very well that Sakelik was responsible.

E.J.’s figured it out too. Against Bert’s wishes, she dug up Sakelik’s personnel file for Jeff. For the most part, the file suggests that Roselyn Sakelik is an ideal cop. Except for the fact that she has tried repeatedly to get her juvenile record expunged. To get his hands on that file, Jeff makes a trade with a man he knows to be guilty of jury tampering – the evidence of his crime for Sakelik’s file.

In the late ‘80s, Sakelik was an abandoned child who lived in a house with about 20 other abandoned kids. Jeff and Skye go up to the house and meet Annabelle, who says she doesn’t know about the house’s history. But Annabelle was one of the children who had lived there. Jeff and Skye’s visit sends Annabelle running to Louis, who had also lived in the house.

Louis already knows that Sakelik has killed to preserve their plan, or rather, Stewart’s plan. Stewart, who Roger met at the Cult party, is looking like the ringleader at this point. He’s the one trying to get what Sakelik, Louis, and presumably all the other people who lived in that house “what they always wanted.”

So far, all we’ve really seen Stewart do is try to get in good with Roger. Stewart apparently has lots of money to throw around, and has decided to use it to “try his hand” and producing. He gives Roger a car in hopes he’ll consider getting on board with one of his future projects.

Jeff and Skye don’t know about Stewart yet, but further examination of photos from the house (called Moon Hill) in the ‘80s makes them realize Annabelle was one of the kids who lived there. They drive back up and a frightened Annabelle explains to them that when the grownups had left all those kids at the house in the ‘80s, Sakelik had taken charge. The children began to break into houses to steal what they needed, and then later, what the wanted. They had targeted the homes of the wealthy, including the home of an actress named Olivia Leland. But Olivia had been home when they broke in, and Sakelik had ended up killing her.

Annabelle leads them to the buried evidence of the murder – a box containing a map with Olivia’s blood on it. That’s when Sakelik strikes, killing Annabelle. But Jeff and Skye get away with the evidence of the buried crime.

Skye finds that the box also contains a photo of the kids who had lived at the house. Also in the photo is the exact car from the show, with the exact same license plate. If Cult was inspired by this cult of kids, then it’s likely that show creator Steven Rae had been one of the children living there.

So what is it that these people, who were abandoned as kids in the ‘80s, have always wanted? And how is this Stewart guy going to get it for them? Will Jeff and Skye (and now Sakelik’s partner, who has become suspicious) get in the way? Stay tuned.

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