I love shows that do parodies and satire for real life things, and this week’s Bones did a satire of daytime’s Judge Judy with Judge Trudy. Like most Bones episodes there’s about three parts to an episode. The case, the Bones/Booth home life, and something to do with the office. This week was no different. A girl was found buried under some dirt with mushrooms growing around her, Bones and Booth’s kid is biting her classmates, and Hodgins tries to make up for something he did to the intern, Finn Abernathy.

The case is the death of a woman, who worked as an assistant and producer to the television Judge Trudy’s show. She was a dedicated woman to her job and was found in a bad part of town dead. As with most of the episode, it’s business as usual. Bones does the examining and Booth does the interrogating. They get pretty much no where. Judge Trudy is an alcoholic but she isn’t a suspect. The girl who replaced her is conniving, but doesn’t fit the profile. Her stalker just doesn’t seem likely and the possibility is never revisited.

The one suspect that they thought they had cleared was the ex-boyfriend, the security for the show. They had broken up after she made it big in the job and it consumed her life. They got joint custody of their dog, Iris, and parted ways. Turns out, because of her busy life and job she left the dog tied to the porch one day and when the boyfriend came to pick up Iris, she was hanging off the porch. She had died choking herself. As revenge for what was basically the only thing he had left, he strangled the girl with Iris’s dog collar and then dropped her and left her there.

At home, Bones and Booth’s daughter Christine has gotten in trouble at school for biting one of her classmates. Bones spends most of the episode trying to prove it didn’t happen. Going as far as to ask Angela to hack the school’s files and forensically match the bite marks from Christine’s teeth molds to Emma’s bite marks on her arm. Determined that Christine is above average, Bones denies any claim that biting is average for children, because Christine is not average. This whole thing only ends when Booth sees that Bones has also been bitten by Christine and as a result she can believe that it has happened and is willing to let it go.

The best story line of this episode, was with Hodgins and Finn. After finishing off Finn’s hot sauce, Hodgins is confronted by Finn, but Hodgins simply waves him off until he realizes that the hot sauce was Finn’s dead grandmother’s recipe and it has a lot of sentimental value. Hodgins spends the episode trying to figure out what her secret ingredient is to make it up to Finn. On the side, he and Angela are also having a little bit of money troubles after their bank accounts were emptied out by Pelant. After finding the final secret ingredient he feeds Finn some catfish and the hot sauce that, to Finn’s surprise, tastes just like his grandmother’s. The two come up with a way to sell the product by letting a chef try it, and we learn that it’s so good one of Finn’s cousins lost a hand over it once. So now, Finn got his grandmother’s sauce back and he and Hodgins might make some extra money on the side for their marketing skills.

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