So following my three day cramming session, I’m finally able to put up a review for Bones!

It’s a typical episode for the gang, as another murder mystery happens in which a marine is killed by an extreme blast of dragonfire explosives. Once again we have Brennan being a scientisty-crime solver while Bones uses his instincts and professional training to solve a case. The crime itself was a typical crime of passion. There was not much cover up but the nature of the crime made it a peculiar case. The death of the marine sergeant Deanna, lead them her friend and fellow marine who she had been discharged with. Assuming that because she was discharged with Deanna over a fight they had that she would be suspect, it was soon proven not to be the case.

The investigation then leads them to a group of Doomsday preppers that Deanna became involved in. We know from the beginning she was taken out with an extremely large blast of dragonfire which burns longer than regular explosions. In a string of perfectly connected and yet rare clues, things like syphilis, homemade cannonballs, and veterinary equipment, the case is solved.

It was the wife, with the booby trap, in the shack.

Deanna had joined the group of doomsday preppers, lead by a Doctor Apocalypse, who formed a small group including Deanna and his wife. The inevitable happens, the doctor and Deanna start a sexual relationship. Under the pretense of “sustaining life after an apocalypse” they continue their relationship, with his wife aware. The morning comes when the group decides to run a simulation inside a locked underground bunker for a set amount of time. The problem? Deanna was killed that morning, tests show that she died after the bunker was locked and there was no way for anyone in the bunker to have killed her, despite being the best suspects.

In a show of elaborate chemistry and physics, it is realized that Deanna had been drugged by animal tranquilizers and a booby trap had been set up locked to the explosives in which an unknowning Deanna stepped right into. Being doomsday preppers, they have people who will be useful in the group. The leader is a “doctor”, his wife is an animal and food prepper, there is a spiritual guider, as well as an engineer. With the explosives used the knowledge of chemistry, they automatically assume the engineer who revealed that he taught his skills to the doctor’s wife and she taught her food prep skills to him. Using a flint lighter and some quick thinking by Bones, they are able to uncover bits of phosphorus under the wife’s nails that is enough to get her to confess her crimes, that she didn’t feel Deanna was a good fit in the group and would cause problems, mainly with her husband.

The story ends on a high note, when Deanna’s marine friend comes in to read a final letter addressed to her, uncovered in Deanna’s home by Angela. It’s both an apology and a confession of love that leaves the friend with the closure that she needs to move on from her grief.

Meanwhile, on the homefront, Sweets is finally moving out from Bones and Booth’s house and throughout the entire episode there is a feeling like he is leaving the nest. As insecure as he is, a conversation with Daisy about his confidence and his stability gets him through. He finds a new apartment, one filled with people of his “own kind”, which means other psychologists. Bones and Booth awkwardly say good bye to Sweets, a person who has become like a son to them and an uncle to Christine.

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