It’s apparently flashback Sunday! Not only did Once Upon A Time feature a bunch of flashbacks to the early days of Storybrooke but The Walking Dead begins with a flashback to Michonne and Andrea’s days together. Except it’s not really a nice, happy flashback because this is the Walking Dead and no one is happy. Instead Andrea asks Michonne where her zombies came from and she asks if she had known them. Andrea, of course, sees that she did and says she was sorry. But Michonne very angrily says that they got what they deserved and that they were monsters before they were zombies.

And then we flash to the Governer doing some BDSM thing with some chains or something. I don’t know.

It doesn’t really explain it when we come back from the intro cut-away and first commercials either. We just come back to the town mobilizing for a strike against the prison and Milton being sad. Lying to Andrea. Telling him that the Governor really doesn’t intend to kill everyone. When, you know, we all know that he does. He tries to go talk sense into the Governor but he doesn’t really have much of a chance. The guy is building his ‘workshop’ which is fucking terrifying. Milton seems to know what ‘workshop’ means. And seems afraid. They knew each other before because Milton talks about Penny like he knew her. (He later confirms that when talking to Andrea.) They agree that Milton believes that there is something of the people the Walkers once were in them but Milton tries to make him see reason. It’s done. But the Governor is batshit crazy. He won’t listen. Milton starts calling him ‘Phillip.’ Did we know his name was Phillip before this? Andrea clearly did. Which is understandable. I can’t imagine her  crying out “The Governor!!!!” during their sexy times.

I don’t know.

But Milton goes and tells Andrea the truth about what is going to happen. And she goes to see him setting up his ‘workshop’ with him. Milton tells her to go warn the people in the prison and run. As far away as possible. But instead Andrea tells Milton she has to kill him. She even tries to shoot him through a vent but Milton stops him. He tries to tell Andrea that there is something good in ‘Phillip’ still. That he believes that.

But she doesn’t. After seeing his crazy little torture workshop that he’s building she realizes that it’s absolutely impossible. She decides to go back to the prison and actually tries to get Milton to come with him. When he tells her that he can’t leave – that he belongs there – she tells him that he either comes with or he stays. But if he stays he can’t keep turning his back on the Governor’s crazy, murderous ways.

It’s all very intense. Andrea tries to run away. The Governor talks to her. Her gun is taken as part of the mobilization. It’s very tense.

Then we cut away to Tyreese and his lady friend doing target practice and having a jolly good time protecting their part of the wall around Woodbury. They are having so much fun. They are so happy. Until Andrea shows up and tells them shit is going down, the Governor isn’t want he seems, and she nearly shanks them in her effort to leave. Eventually they let her go but it’s clear Tyreese is a bit anxious now.

Tyreese and his lady friend go tell the Governor that Andrea ran off. The Governor tells them that she’s frazzled and her mind is a bit addled. But Tyreese and his sister clearly don’t buy it entirely because when he asks them what Andrea said to them neither tells the Governor anything. They lie and say she didn’t say anything. The Governor gets angry with Milton, though, because he decides to go after Andrea. Milton tries to get him to leave her alone and in saying that gives away the fact that he has told Andrea everything.

The Governor sends Tyreese and his sister off to go and help Martinez with something. Before they leave, though, they meet up with the other two members of their group, the father and his son, Ben. The father wants to stay in Woodbury and warns Tyreese not to do anything to get them all kicked out. But the seed of doubt is planted in Tyreese’s mind and he’s very wary of what’s going on now. They leave with Martinez’s group but it’s clear that Tyreese isn’t happy with what’s going on around here – even though he doesn’t know what they are going to do at that particular moment.

Martinez takes them to a pit where they are collecting zombies to take with them to the prison when they attack it. Tyreese basically loses it and refuses to go along with it all. He actually says they will leave then. All of them. Including the father and his son. So the dad gets all angry. They get into a fist fight over the woman, Donna, from their first episode. The one the father claimed to be taking care of but that Tyreese eventually had to put out of her misery. And then everyone walks away from each other angry and Martinez starts collaring zombies.

Meanwhile, Andrea is out of town now on her own. Without a gun. All she has is a knife. She gets cornered by a bunch of zombies trying to hide from the very guys from Woodbury who Tyreese is with now. But in true bad ass fashion she stabs all of them. Somehow. Then she continues on her way.

Except she’s being hunted by the Governor. Seriously, this guy is fucking messed up. Like, we knew that. We always knew that. Especially those of us who read the comics. But now he’s just going full out sociopath.

He chases Andrea into an abandoned warehouse and we basically have any number of absolutely terrifying moments with her hiding from him, him stalking her, and zombies popping out of random places. And then, of course, he eventually corners her. But she unleashes an entire stairwell of zombies on him. Unfortunately, after watching him brutally pick apart half a dozen it’s pretty obvious that’s not going to stop him for long. Though, it comes pretty damn close. Andrea certainly seems to think that he’s dead at first. Though, why she doesn’t then try and take his truck I have NO idea. Like, it’s just stupid.


With the Governor and everyone else distracted by Andrea taking off and getting ready to take on the prison, someone goes back to the pit of zombies and sets them all on fire. At least someone has morals. You don’t see who it is, though, so, you get to spend the next commercial break wondering. Pretty sure it’s Milton, though. He’s manning up.

Andrea ALMOST makes it to the prison. She can see it up ahead. See Rick in the tower keeping watch. Because, you know, Rick is the main character. We have to see him at least once during the episode. But just as she’s about to rush forward in relief The Governor catches her. Damn it, Andrea. You had ONE job. Warm the prison. But no. You go and screw that up.

The Governor, though, acts like it ain’t no thang when he gets back to Woodbury. Doesn’t mention to Milton that he found Andrea. Talks to Tyreese’s group about the pit and what not because Martinez believes it was Tyreese that burned the zombies at the pit. And Tyreese makes a show of apologizing for disagreeing about the pit and not wanting to set them on the prison and the Governor lies and says it’s a scare tactic. Basically, Tyreese is apologizing for disagreeing with some of Woodbury’s policies but not for burning the zombies and the Governor realizes that.

He also realizes it was Milton.

Milton, baby. You are going to die here. But I’m so proud of you.

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  1. Ok, so I’ve seen half a dozen episodes of Once Upon a Time, and the first season of Walking Dead (which I disliked enough that I never bothered learning any of the characters names)–and your descriptions have only convinced me that it was really for the best that I stopped bothering. Really, is there anything worth watching, or am I just going to keep going with the DS9 reruns over and over?

    1. I’ll get back to you on that? I love the Following. I think that show is great. A little frustrating, though. Have you tried Falling Skies yet? I like it well enough. It’s everything that the V remake should have been. And it’s by Stephen Spielberg! I like it anyway. Orphan Black on BBCA looks interesting. That starts the same day Doctor Who comes back. But suff that’s actually airing now that you’d be interested in? I don’t really know. Did you watch/like Game of Thrones? If so, you could try Vikings.

  2. And don’t you dare say anything about that apostrophe…this is why I encourage proofreading! At least in others…

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