Ahh the fresh smell of massive crowds of nerds in the morning.
Ahh the fresh smell of massive crowds of nerds in the morning.

Five days, and counting.

So Hotelpocalypse is coming, and on February 26, 2013 we will get the craziness that is any SDCC ticket buying process. If you were around for the registration day last week, you know the good stuff gets sold out fast and getting the places you want can be determined down to the second you get on at 9am PST.

This article will be shorter than the others, because this one is going to just be giving you some additional tips and personal advice I’ve had. The most important things, like refund dates, hotel prices, hotel listings, shuttle information is listed on their hotels page, and I can not emphasize the importance that you read this page thoroughly, and then look at the list of hotels to make your own list. I saw a lot of blunders on badge registration day that could have been amended if people had read the informational pages more closely.

Ok so now that you have dutifully read the page, I will list you some tips and tricks that I’ve picked up over the years.

There's no fool proof plan, just don't end up like poor Joker over here.
There’s no fool proof plan, just don’t end up like poor Joker over here.
  1. Team up during the buying process! Even if you’re just using your roommates to help you, every second counts. I know, they recommend you not to, but it has always helped us out in the past years. 
  2. If you want to stay downtown, ONLY list downtown rooms in your listing. If you don’t make it in the first minute mark, change one to a not downtown location, but if you do make it in, keep your top 6 near the convention center.
  3. Read reviews of hotels during SDCC through WhenNerdsAttack.com, they have a good amount of hotels around San Diego.
  4. Be patient. As I’ve learned from the badge purchasing, when you get onto the page, stay there. The white screen of death is not bad but actually good. If you are stuck in line for too long though, you should be refreshing. A good rule of thumb is to have two browsers open, or two computers.
  5. Make your list of 6 hotels now. This goes without saying, but it is important to just go over what are your top choices with the other people you’re going with.
  6. Go with other people. For many of the places, single bed rooms and double bed rooms cost the same, so save yourself some money!
  7. Comfort is something you want! For most people, squishing four people into a small hotel room is ok, but for me, during SDCC emotions run high and people get tired and stressed out. So if you can, try to stick to the 4 people a room standard. I personally like sleeping on a bed at the end of the day and relaxing my body, but if it’s not financially viable for you, that’s fine too.
  8. Be aware of refund dates. Just be aware. The worst thing to be screwed over by is a deadline.

As for personal hotel reviews, I’m going to write up two brief ones. No where near as detailed as When Nerds Attack (WNA).

The beast that is the Hilton Bayfront.
The beast that is the Hilton Bayfront.

For a Downtown hotel, I prefer Hilton Bayfront overall. I like the Omni as well, but personally the Marriot is quite far from the registration lines and the Hilton is right next to the sky bridge. Hotels across the street add on a wait time for crossing the street, which during SDCC is like a 20 min wait. The Bayfront has a bunch of awesome services that you can see on the WNA page, and I personally think it’s the best for your buck, much better than the over priced Hard Rock.

For farther shuttle hotels, my favorite is the Courtyard by Marriot in Mission Valley. This was the hotel that I stayed at for my first two years, and other that distance, it was perfect. The beds were incredibly comfortable with way too many pillows. The rooms were very spacious and wonderful. They have pool and hot tub, which was great for our sore shoulders from a day of carrying swag. But literally, the best part of it, was the food. Their bistro was so reasonably priced, the food was delicious, their lobby/dining area was so comfortable and inviting. By far one of the best hotels in Hotel Circle. The ride from the hotel to the center by shuttle was about 15 mins, so not bad at all. Though we did have to cross the sky bridge to get to the con. If you do not want to spend the money for the downtown hotels, and you are sure you want a farther hotel, then do the Early Registration. Now that tickets are sold and people know if they are going or not, totally go do the early registration. Then you can get it out of your hair. Be sure to read the guidelines about it as well as our page on Early Registration though, just so you understand the refunds and the other red tape.

Anyways, enough of my rambling, good luck and may the odds ever be in your favor on February 26th, 2013 at 9am PST.  Again, we will be on twitter to help @nerdophiles.

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