Easily the most anticipated game of February 2013 was Dead Space 3 which came out two days ago on Tuesday. Everyone who pre-ordered it or rushed out and got it at midnight did so quite rightly. The Dead Space franchise has offered a pretty solid experience throughout and from what I’ve seen of my roommate’s play-through (he’s holding the living room TV hostage until he has finished) this one doesn’t seem to disappoint either.

But what if you just don’t like Dead Space? Or maybe you’re not a fan of horror games. Or you could just be as simple as the fact that you are just so painfully uncoordinated that you couldn’t hit the side of a virtual barn. Since Bioshock: Infinite release has been pushed back to the end March, you might wonder if there is any reason to break out your wallet this month.

I suppose it depends on what kind of gamer you are.

Here’s the trailers and release dates for the other games of February 2013.


CRYSIS 3 – February 19
This game looks pretty damn impressive. The only problem is that I can see a lot of potential fans of Crysis 3 also being fans of Dead Space 3. I mean, I know I am. If you have the expendable income to get both then it’s not a problem but for gamers who have enjoyed both franchises and are a bit strapped for cash it could be a bit of a hard decision to make. Another thing to note is that while you don’t necessarily have to have played through the other two, you might lose a bit of the overarching plot and themes. And if you want to play the earlier installments of the series first you better boot up Steam or hop over to Amazon because the first game in the series was only ever released on PC. (If you’re patient and not in a hurry you can pick it up for $5 during most Steam sales.)


Can someone explain to me what Revengeance means? Because I have no idea. I guess it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that fans of the series might want to check out this entry which features Raiden as the main character. It’s set several years after Metal Gear Solid IV so hopefully you’ve finished that game by now. It’s not a game for players who aren’t already familiar with the series – that much is certain. But for Raiden fans it should be a fun little romp through the MGS world.


There are very few reasons that I regret not having a 3DS. This is one of them. I absolutely love the Fire Emblem series. No matter what the format, what the console. And this entry in particular has gotten some pretty spectacular ratings. It came out the day before Dead Space 3 and it has a 91% rating on Metacritic. C’mon. That’s not too damn shabby for a JRPG on the 3DS. If you’ve got a 3DS you should definitely check it out. If just so you can hold it over me and tell me how it is.

Here are some other notable releases for this month. You can piece together a fuller list by checking out a few of these sources. (I wouldn’t trust that last link, though. It’s wrong about some of them.)

February 4
Fire Emblem: Awakening (3DS)

February 5
Dead Space 3 (PS3, 360, PC)
Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (PS3, PS Vita)

February 10
Brain Age: Concentration Training (3DS)

February 12
Aliens: Colonial Marines (PS3, 360, PC)
Omerta: City of Gangsters (PC, 360)

February 19
Crysis 3 (PS3, 360, PC)
Metal Gear Rising: Vengeance (PS3, 360)

February 26
Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan (3DS)

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