This Sunday, Lost Girl’s new episode “Fae-de To Black” premiered in Canada and we find out Dyson’s childhood dream was to fly as a gryphon. Those afraid of spoilers should not venture forth (especially people who have yet to see this episode, which premieres in America in Feb 4th).

After a long (and I do mean LONG) awaited dry spell, we finally get some Bo/Dyson lip action (Ship Name: Byson). You’ll have to excuse how much of a fan girl I am during this review, because when it comes to shows like Lost Girl, I am a little/lot bit of a fan girl. This week’s baddie was a Rakshasa that is forcing people back to a time when they commit suicide doing what they most want to do when they were children. Now, I don’t think I even thought that the cat was guilty until Trick mentioned that it could change into anything, and even then I wasn’t sure. Well, this teaches me to trust my cat.

There are a few funny moments, like Bo going undercover as a therapist or Kenzi acting as Hale’s fashion advisor, but the episode on a whole had a lot of intense moments, rather unlike last week’s “ConFaegion” episode that left me in giggles. No, Bo is back to being serious, Dyson is back to being serious … well until the Rakshasa takes a hold of him and he becomes child!Dyson and just wants to be a Gryphon so he can fly. Bo’s monogamous relationship with Lauren is failing, Lauren’s humanity prevents Bo from feeding fully and therefore healing. To be honest, Lauren doesn’t seem to be able to keep up with Bo, sexually, and since Bo is a succubus, that’s kind of a problem. Even if I shipped Doccubus (Lauren/Bo), this pairing has some serious flaws. Lauren’s humanity will always be an issue. The biggest reason Bo could never find a place to belong is because she kept killing her victims. Lauren also has revealed a little more snippy side of her, which I personally liked. Her outburst at Bo for her little excursion into being a therapist was not wrong. Thank god Lauren didn’t see her pulling her succubus powers on that couple.

I have been a believer that Bo and Dyson are the endgame pairing for a while, but him losing his love because of the Norn, Ciara, Lauren, and even Tamsin coming in, were threats to their love. But the whole “wolves mate for life thing”? That seems just a little too cruel to Dyson if she ends up with Lauren. Then again, the show writers could decide to be mean, but they haven’t seemed to be going in that direction. However, my faith in this pairing does not let Dyson off the hook. From where I’m standing, there is literally no reason for him not to tell Bo that he got his love back. Literally no reason. In fact, telling her would also reveal that Kenzi was the one who did it, and then everyone could see that Kenzi’s got some kind of curse on her.

Speaking of Kenzi, her final scene was obviously a taunting move. Suddenly being dragged off by a nameless faceless beast? Her arm basically rotting, oozing flesh? These are all horrible signs. Doesn’t look like the Norn is going to be light on the bitch that cut her tree and it doesn’t look like anyone is listening to Kenzi. Haven’t we learned several times over that Kenzi is to be trusted and listened to? But no, Hale has to go be big bad Ash, Trick has to pull the human card, and Bo has to be absorbed into her own little love triangle. Seriously, it seems like the only person who even remotely looks out for Kenzi is Dyson. I hope that when Kenzi’s Norn!Rash is discovered so can the realization that Dyson’s got love again in his heart and Bo can reunite her her wolfish sweetheart. Obviously, things are never that easy, but the ultimatum that Lauren gave her at the end of the episode was a bad sign for future romantic relations on the show for Bo.

Also can we talk about how Tamsin took down the Rakshasa in like a second? It was like, never a threat to her. Suddenly she’s got a chest weapon set and she’s taking beasts down left and right. We still haven’t learned anything about her, other than she’s a Valkyrie (which means nothing to us as far as Lost Girl is concerned) with a rather bad past that was written into rhyme poetry in “ConFaegion”. I like how they’re exploring the side of the Dark Fae a lot more this season. What with Tamsin and Vex coming in, especially since last season we only really got Ryan (as nice as he was). It seem next week, Bo will be finding out, at least somewhat, about Kenzi’s issues along with some other information, hopefully.

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